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Agree With Me

If you say you love me,
I know I would agree with you,
If you say you wanted me,
I know that I would say it too,
If you say you needed me,
I would tell you how much I need you,
If you say you wanted to be with me forever,
I would listen to those words you sing,
Listen to those words,
Have them touch my heart,
Touch my soul,
Melt the ice,
And agree to be yours forever,
If you say all you wish for,
All you dream of,
All you need,
Is to be with me,
To hold me close,
To hold me in your arms,
To hold me forever,
To kiss me with passion,
To kiss me with every bit of love,
Every bit of joy,
If you agree,
If you say those words,
Speak them straight,
Speak them from your heart,
Tell me those words,
Tell me those emotions,
Tell me every bit,
From the very depths of your soul,
I would agree,
Agree to love you,
Agree to cherish you,
Agree to hold you,
Agree to want to be with you,
Because I do love you,
I do cherish you,
I want to hold you every day,
Be with you every moment,
Be with you as much as I can,

Give Me Permission To Love You

Can I love you?
Can you care?
Can you give me this permission?
Can you give me this hope?
Can you give me this love?
Can you give me blue skies?
Can you give me everything?
Can I have your heart?
Can I have the key?
Can you give me that?
Don’t fight this feeling,
Don’t fight this,
Don’t push away,
Give me the permission,
Give me this simple thing,
Give me you,
I just want to be with you,
I just want to hold you close,
Give me this permission,
Don’t shut me out,
Don’t push me away,
Just hold me,
Just kiss me,
Just be with me,
We’ve been together now,
For quite some time,
Time to move on to the next stage,
Time to make that promise,
Give me that permission,
Give me forever,
So can you do that for me?
Can you give me your heart?
Give me that key?
Let down your guard,
Let down the walls,
Let me in,
Let me love you,
Be with you,
Hold you close,
I need this now,
I cannot keep waiting,
I have been patient,
I have been biding my time,
But darkness is around,
Darkness is around me,
And I want light again,
I want to feel the sun again,
I wa…


I want to pounce on you like a cat,
Lay on your lap,
Snuggle up with you,
Touching you,
Being with you,
Laying by your side,
I want to be a part of you,
I want the attention,
I want the love,
I want everything you can give me,
And everything I could get,
I want to pounce on you like a cat,
Lay on you like a blanket
Lays on your lap,
Keep you warm,
Keep you safe,
Follow you around,
All over the place,
I will be loyal,
As long as it is you and me,
And I will be your cat,
Be your best friend,
Be with you for all time,
I will be with you,
Holding onto you,
Snuggling with you,
Be your pal,
Through thick and thin.