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More Than Five Times

More than five times I will tell you, More than five times I will show you, More than five times will you know, More than five times you will be shown, How much I really do love you, How much I really care, How much I really adore you, How much I enjoy every moment with you, More than five times will you see a smile, More than five times will you have me hold you, More than five times will I kiss you, Every day I know, Every day I know even more, Every day I love you deeper, Every day I want to be with you more, Through everything I have gone through, Through everything that might be, I know that thinking about you, I know that loving you, I know that every moment is a blessing, I know that more than five times, More than even a number could count, That I will tell you, That I will show you, That you will be shown, That you know I love you, That you know how much I care, How much I adore you, That you will see the smile, The laughter, The love, The every single part you have grown to k

Let It All Go

Let it all go, Let go of all your fears, Let go of all your pain, Let go of all the past, Let go of all your sins to Him, Let it all go, Let everything change now, Let everything move on from now, You don’t have to be lost, You don’t have to be in despair, You don’t have to feel alone, You don’t have to feel hurt by yourself, Just believe in Him, Put your faith, Your hope, Your life, Into His hands, Let it all go, Let go of everything that has ever bothered you, Let go of anything that has been done that hurt you, In the end all that matters, All that matters is Him, All that matters is your faith in Him, Knowing that Jesus is your Savior, Knowing that he died for your sins, Knowing through good, Through the bad, That He will always be there for you, That He will always guide you, As long as you let Him guide your life, So let it all go, Let go all the things that have been done, All the things that will be done, Let it go, Just have the faith, Just have the hope, Just keep believing,

Everything I Could Have Asked For

Within the last year, Within these days, Within this time I have had with you, How can I not have hope? How can I not believe? How can I not know love? How can anyone not see? There is so much beautiful hope, So much beautiful dreams, So much joy and love, Everyone can see it, Everyone sees how great we are, Everyone sees what I knew from the beginning, Before you I felt like I was losing hope, But now that I have you I feel that I have so much more, I have found again the hope in love, I have found again the hope to believe in God, I have found again hope beyond dreams, I have hope in things greater than I could have believed, Things in a life better than I could have ever dreamed, Putting my faith, Putting my trust, Putting my hope, In God, In you, In us, Has made everything so much better, Made everything so much wonderful, Made everything the very bliss I live with, The bliss I live with everyday, The bliss I know every day, The bliss that is possible, The bliss that is real, This


Everything about you, Everything you do, I cannot help but smile, I cannot help but feel joy and love, There is something so strong with us, Something so beautiful, So bright, Everything about us, Brings such beauty and peace, Such love and light, Such wonder and joy, You took my breath away The very first time I saw you, I knew that I loved you from that very beginning, I knew that there was something different with you and me, Whenever I am with you, I feel such wonderful love, Such wonderful joy, Such beauty in dreams, How can I not feel peace? How can I not feel love? How can I not feel joy? With everything I have with you, Although strong in so many ways, You give me such extra strength, Extra light, Whenever you hold me, Whenever you are near me, I feel everything even stronger, Feel every bit ever longer, You are my everything, You are my love, My hope, My dreams, My future, You my Troy, Are my everything, Until the very end, You are my forever my darling, And I love you with ev