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Life as a Medical Anomaly Part 8

Asthma has many different causes, these causes maybe harmless to a few, but could be a major inflammation in others.   Asthmatics can deal with little to no identifiable causes to a variety of causes. Handling asthma attacks by lessening the amount one experiences, depends mostly on avoiding the specific causes of asthma that have been identified.   It is important to keep a record of what triggers your asthma as this will help give you an overall cause for the asthma.             Handling asthma is no easy feat.   It is important no matter the circumstance to find a way to handle your asthma, along with the medication for it, to write down as a journal everything that seems to cause it, and be sure to talk about all these things to your primary care doctor or lung specialist.   It is important that even if you don’t feel you have allergies or allergy induced asthma that it is good to get an allergy testing done, you never know when those things might trigger an asthma attack