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Magical Fairytale Land

Come follow me to a magical fairytale land,
Where you will see a lovely beautiful enchanted castle,
In the mystical forest you can run across many magical creatures,
Frolicking beneath the cascading waterfall,
You will find the horned unicorns,
The winged fairies,
The dancing pixies,
And every other thing you could find,
In your imagination is real,
Real in this world,
All you have to do is close your eyes,
Listen to your heart,
And look into the sparkling stream,
And than follow your heart,
Take my hand,
And follow me,
Fellow me to the magical fairytale land,
Where you can see everything,
Everything your heart desires.

Second Chances

He looks at her wanting a second chance,
Wanting just one more slow kiss,
Wanting to show her that he should be given,
That other chance,
She looks to him,
And into his deep blue eyes,
She becomes aware of him,
Aware of him watching her,
She slowly walks to him,
They start a conversation,
He asks her to give him another chance,
She looks into his eyes,
There is awareness there,
She can see that he truly wishes,
That he truly wants,
That he truly needs her,
She whispers a yes,
And than they kiss,
They kiss with a fever,
With exploration,
With need,
He looks at her,
Knowing that he will give his all,
He will give everything he can,
Because he had always wanted her,
Always had loved her,
Always had needed her,
And he was not going to blow,
His second chance,
Because she is all he needed,
She is everything,
Everything to him always.