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It started with a simple caress, A simple embrace, A simple just one look into your eyes, The sky was clear as a summer’s day, Although it was winter at the time, I knew from that moment, That first look that was in your eyes, I knew at that moment, Without saying a word, That love was started, That there was no looking back, There was no going back to what was before, There was no way I could let go, Perhaps it isn’t perfect, Perhaps there is pain at times, But I know just one look in your eyes, Just one whisper of my name, And I am brought to the beginning, The beginning of the love, The love in our hearts, The love that lives despite everything else, Everything keeps trying to separate us, Everything keeps trying to break us apart, But nothing can really keep this down, This love is stronger than anything in the stars, And it started with just a simple caress, A simple embrace, A simple look in each other’s eyes, A simple kiss, And it was sealed, The origin of the love, The love bet