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Journal Challenge Day 9

Simply write about your day

Woke up thinking it was later went back to sleep got woken up by the daughter and ended up just chilling with her in bed until hubby and I both decided to get up. We took our shower and ate breakfast did the usual bottle cleaning round one. Cleaned out most of my email and checked on my tom app, watch Harley on the tummy time mat, got hubby’s sandwiches and other lunch stuff together. Started dishwasher, got pills and supplements, heated up the ham and hominy, played a little Yahtzee, and started my usual posts that go on the groups writing and contest wise.

Hubby leaves for work, I get my small break before grandparents go to bed very early, eat dinner, and get the daughter back as my step dad goes to bed, more bottle cleaning and of course throughout the day changing and feeding the daughter. She has more tummy time and enjoys time on the swing. Watched some Hulu and Netflix, get through more Yahtzee, hubby texts on break and lunch, put the daughter in he…

Journal Challenge Day 8

Take time to reflect on your career. Jot down a timeline. What’s the best experience? The worse? What would you like to see in the future?

Well as for paid work I’ve only done a few positions which have been customer service for a few places, collections, Prepper which was making sure documents looked good to be scanned in terms of home mortgage, ad builder, and a few I can’t remember off the top of my head. Most jobs were temp positions and a few that were full time. The ad builder was whenever I could get stuff and was paid per we but wasn’t high amounts. Most other than the ad builder, which I resigned as I thought the prep job was going to be full time, I lost due to my ever getting worse asthma. The best experience for me was the prep job I could listen to music as long as I did the work and I was very good at it. I even got recognized as being one of the best ones before the assignment ended and they couldn’t bring me on full time.

The worst was one of the customer service jobs …