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You Found A Way

Every day you have been in my life,
You have brought on joy,
You brought on light,
You banished the darkness,
You gave me a certain power,
A strength forgotten,
Now I feel like I could write many poems,
Many love songs,
Many dreams,
Many stories,
Of who and what we are,
Of how it came to be,
Of how just believing,
Believing in love,
Not letting go the possibility,
Not letting go,
Found a way to you,
A way to us,
A way to this,
A way to love,
When everything else seemed crazy,
You came and went,
Found a way,
Found a way to my life,
Into my heart,
Into my soul,
Into my love,
Forever more.

My Special Friend

You my love have become a very special friend,
Although in my mind you have become so much more,
I hope you will never be gone,
I hope you will never go overseas without me,
I hope you will never have no contact with me,
I would be worried without knowing about you,
Please promise me honey you will never worry me,
That you will never be gone,
Or at least not gone for long,
I would never want to be away from you,
You are everything my darling,
Everything I have always wanted,
Everything I have always needed,
You my love have become very special,
Someone I could see myself with,
See myself with forever,
It started with a simple moment,
A moment of just replying to something you wrote,
But there was that instant attraction,
Instant attraction to you,
To this,
To this love,
And I want you to know I love you,
Love you deep and true,
Deep and true forever,
Forever with you.