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Paradise Island

Come sail away to the beauty,
Come look at the lovely palm trees,
Everything is peaceful and tranquil,
Everything seems like a dream,
Everything feels prefect
Just like the Garden of Eden,
Beauty is everywhere you look,
Its everywhere you can see,
All the animals live in peace
And in harmony,
The circle of life is well balanced,
And there is no sign of disease,
There is no sign of pain
Or of hurt,
There is only love
And joy all around,
Doesn’t it sound perfect?
Doesn’t it sound wonderful?
Doesn’t it make you want to go?
This paradise island seems
To be too good to be true,
But perhaps,
Just maybe it could be true,
Maybe we don’t have to just wish,
Maybe we don’t have to just dream,
Maybe its possible for it to happen,
Just as we want it to be,
All we need is hope,
All we need is faith,
All we need is to believe,
That one day this beautiful island
Could be more than make believe,
We have to put our trust in Him,
And know by going His way,
Our whole world could be
Like the paradise island
Of our dreams.

Whenever I Am With You

Whenever I am with you,
Whenever I get to spend time with you,
Whenever I just get to look into your eyes,
Every single moment I treasure,
Every single moment I love,
Every single moment I adore,
Because this emotion called love,
This emotion so lovely and wonderful,
Has also caused great hurt and pain,
But now that I am with you,
And God has lead me to your arms,
I know that there will be more joy,
More love,
More beauty,
Than what has ever been seen before,
You are truly have become a part of me,
You are truly someone I know I can trust,
And cherish,
You are someone I know that I will love,
Every single day,
That I will continue to choose to love,
Every single moment,
And I know through good,
Through bad,
Through everything in between,
That we are going to work on through it,
That we will keep on going,
You see me more
Than any other person has seen before,
You know me more than
You might even think,
Through the time we have together,
We build so much together,
Through such small things people might not …


They silently stalk you
Through the dark and shadows,
They can creep through he night,
Sunshine is not really there friend,
Although the stories of old
Aren’t fully true,
They just prefer life this way,
Although they feed off of blood,
They aren’t animals
As most might say,
Yes, they have sharp pointy teeth,
That glistens and frightens others away,
But truly they are harmless
Like kittens,
Well only if you don’t cross
Their path,
But I sure wouldn’t want
To chance it,
Because it’s unlikely to get turned,
So be aware my friends,
Of those things that lark
Out in the night,
One might bite you
And either you turn
Or you will scream
Knowing your life was drained
All for the vampire.