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Don't Try to Change Me

Don’t try to change me,
I will not follow you just blindly,
Do not try to silence my voice,
Just because I believe differently than you,
Do not say oh she will hopefully come around
When talking of your beliefs
Because I will not change myself on behalf of you,
I am who I am because I’ve been down that path before
And I have seen the close mindedness and harshness of reality,
I have seen that the door just seems to close and it does not call me,
And it never will,
Don’t try to change me by trying to lecture to me,
And try to make me feel bad for choosing
What I have chosen as my path in this life,
Don’t not give me the all mighty then thy speeches,
I will just not listen and I will walk away,
Just respect my choices and I will respect yours,
Do not try to convert me,
I do not need converting or saving,
I am who I am and I will not change
Just for you,
I will not change for anyone but myself,
Don’t try to change me,
Instead accept me, for who I am,
And who I am going to be,
Please don’t try to change me,
I woul…


I want you to need me,
To want to hold me forever in your arms,
To kiss my lips and no one else’s,
I want you to just depend on my touch
To keep you warm at night,
And to keep you warm no matter where we are,
I want you desire this,
The love that is in my flesh,
The love that is in my soul,
The love that desires you more than anything,
Anything in this world,
I want you to call my name
And say how I am the only one,
How you cannot breathe without me,
How you cannot think without me near,
How you don’t want to be anything
But this love of mine in my heart and soul,
I want you to depend on me,
As I depend on you
To be my heart,
To be my soul,
To be my love forever more,
To be everything I have ever desired,
And oh so much more,
I want to kiss your lips and no one else’s,
I need you and no one else,
I depend on your touch to keep me warm,
I desire all that is you,
And this heart,
And this soul,
And us.
I call upon you my love,
To make me happy when I am sad,
To make me laugh when I am down,
To kiss away my tears when I c…

Childish Behaviors

You try to cause drama with every single thing you do,
You try to get us to bend to your every want and need,
Thinking that if you do certain things you will make us
Want to do what you want done for you,
You cut up pictures of us
And send a note on how you are no longer my mom's mom,
Well we have had it up to the end of the road,
We do not want to deal with your drama,
We do not want to deal with your childish behavior,
We do not want to feel like we have to do something
Just to make you happy,
What happened to family?
Why do you ask for things and go on about
How everything should be about you,
We all here deal with various things going on,
But we don't let that stop us from going on,
We don't rant and rave,
And cause drama just because we don't get our own way,
We don't ask you for much
Yet when we have you make it seem as if we asked
For the whole world to be delivered to our plates,
Well the time has come where we cut you out of our lives,
No more drama will be found here,
No more o…

Ghost Admirer

I draft in the dream world,
Let myself fall deeper,
And deeper into space,
Try to let go everything,
Just to catch one glimpse of your face,
I want to see the person in my dreams,
The one that haunts my constant memories,
Who are you my mind asks?
Where are you my heart asks?
Why do you hunt me so my body asks?
Why are you just a dream my soul asks?
Why do you try to promise me things
I know that will never happen?
My hands are tied,
My heart isn’t free,
My love belongs to someone else,
But yet there you are in your secret glory,
Looking at me and I look at you,
And I try to figure out why you are there,
Why are you try to make me believe that
My life isn’t as full as I want it to be,
Why don’t you show your face?
Why can’t I see your eyes?
Why won’t you tell me your name?
Why am I left with more questions than answers?
Who are you my mind asks over and over
And over again,
I don’t know what to tell myself,
I don’t know much but the memories from every night
Every night spent in the dreams,
The dreams of you and m…