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She Never Cried

Author's Note: This poem has nothing to do with someone I know or myself. Just something I thought was good to write for those women that might deal with abuse. She never really cried, She never really bled, She never really had that moment, Where her world just totally fell apart, Where nothing else seemed to be around, Other than deep dark blue tears of pain, She never had to deal with that, Not in this lifetime, Or the next, She never had to feel that hurt, That pain, Those type of tears, She was the lucky one, Or so they thought, But she hid it all, Hid all the pain and hurt, Hid the abuse from everyone else, She never really cried, She never really bled, At least not where one could see, At least not where one could have known, She always put on a happy face, Made everyone around her believe, That she wasn’t hurt, That she didn’t feel like a part of her died, The moment he left, The moment he said goodbye, The moment she knew that she wouldn’t be the same, No she never real

I Feel Beautiful

Whenever I look at you, Whenever I look into your eyes, Whenever I see you smile my way, Whenever I hold you close to me, I feel beautiful, Whenever it’s just you and I, Whenever we are just one within each other, Whenever love just flows naturally, Because this is meant to be, I feel beautiful, Whenever I feel another part Of this wonderful dream coming true, Whenever I feel that we become even Just that much closer, I feel beautiful, There are so many things in this life, So many hardships, So many broken dreams, But whenever I am with you, Nothing else seems to matter, Nothing else seems to exist, Everything before doesn’t seem to matter, And where I might have felt pretty, Might have felt cute, But whenever I am with you, When I look into your eyes, And I see me in them, And I see the love you have for me, I feel beautiful, Because the love you have shines, Shines through your eyes, And into mine, Every day.

Glory Road

It’s been a rough road, Trying to find this place, Trying to find my way here, Finding my way to the glory road, Going through the changes, Going through those moments, Wondering if I really knew, What I was in for, What I was doing, Knowing that my life needed changing, That I couldn’t keep going the way I was, Knowing that something was needed, Needed in my life, Something stronger, Something deeper, Something more, I had searched for the answers, Searched high, Searched low, Gone through the many choices, Gone through many different ways, Feeling the frustration, Feeling the emptiness, Feeling that there was something needed, Knowing that it was out there somewhere, I’ve gone down so many paths, Been on so many different roads, I never fully realized, Never fully understood, Never could really see for a long time, I was lost, Looking for that glory road, For so long I thought I was okay, Felt I was doing the right thing, Felt that I didn’t need more, But I was wrong, Oh so wrong, I


There has been so many choices laid upon her feet, Moments and times, Moments that was great, Moments that was hard, Moments that was everything in between, And through them all she grew, And through them all she did keep one belief, One belief sacred and true to her heart and soul, And although criticized for many things, And although wondering why she did certain things, She knew that she still held true, True to that choice to believe in love, Believe in something deep and strong, Through the good and bad, Something that would last forever, And although she felt she came close A few times in the past, A few times she was heartbroken by promises, Promises that wasn’t kept, She kept to her choice, She kept on believing, Kept on knowing somehow, Someway, Through the hurt, Through the pain, Through any tears, That the love she saw in her dreams, The love that she felt, Would come into her life, And when everything seemed at the end of the road, And when everything seemed that nothing co