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Day 16 Your First Kiss

I don’t remember very well the first kiss I had with the first guy I ever dated. I do remember however clearly the first kiss I had with Troy. Although I have been an experienced kisser by that point in time I was still nervous. I was excited about being his first and wanted to make sure he had a great experience not only in learning how to kiss but to have a great kiss.

When I met him I knew that this kiss was going to be different but I didn’t expect the electricity that seemed to just buzz through every part of my being. I remember feeling like the world had completely stopped and that there was just us. I remember wanting it to last forever.

I looked into his eyes. I still felt the buzz from the kiss. I still felt my whole body humming. I felt something I couldn’t place than and sometimes wonder if I could place now. It was something beyond words and beauty. Beyond anything that could be described into words. Kissing him is a wonder, beauty, magic, and something I look …