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Journal Challenge Day 16

Imagine someone has decided to write a book about your life up to this point. What would the cover blurb say? Are you happy with it? Now imagine what you’d like the blurb to say at the end of your life. What changes need to be made? Chronic health daily survivor living life to its fullest I think would be the blurb and I’m pretty happy with it about three years ago my Health turned upside down even more when I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I went through so many changes to medications adding more and more but barely living life. Most days I would be laid up in bed in pain and have to rest trying to least be good one day of the weekend to spend with my husband that was not a fun existence. Then I met my natural path doctor and things are loads better. I only take one pain medication compared to the many I did before and a ton of supplements. I also get acupuncture done every other week. I still have bad days don’t get me wrong but my overall health is loads better and I can do

Journal Challenge Day 14

Write a review of a form of entertainment you have taken in rather book, movie, tv show, and etc. what did you like and didn’t like about it? Was there any lessons to be learned or just pure entertainment? Hubby and I have been watching a lot of castle which has been very awesome we highly enjoy the show together and Nathan Fillion is really good in it. Last weekend we finally saw Star Wars the Last Jedi and we both highly enjoyed that and liked how there was extra depth to the characters from The Force Awakens. I need to get back to my audiobooks have quite a few I need to review. There wasn’t anything negative to Star Wars or castle. Checked out this Netflix show called glitches which was very interesting and the Netflix movie what happened to Monday. The what happened to Monday definitely can show us what happens when extreme things go on in our world and the possible consequences if we aren’t careful on how to deal with said extreme things.

Suave Professionals Review

Disclaimer: I was given these products for free in exchange of a review however all opinions are my own. I have heard of the brand Suave before getting the products from Crowdtap but had never tried too many of their products including the ones I received. I had received the Rose oil infused shampoo and conditioner along with their natural hold compressed micro hairspray and the natural hold mousse. I have used the shampoo and conditioner the most so far and definitely impressed with the smell, ease of use, and how my hair looks after I have used it. Everyday my hair is very soft, shiny, extra wavy, and full. The hairspray and mousse as a combo is great to keep any hairstyle you want to wear that day, which for me is simple most days, with having a three month old daughter. My main concern about least the shampoo is that it has SLS in it which is a pretty harmful chemical for everyone especially for those with polycystic ovary syndrome. Since those with pcos already have their horm

Garnier papaya hair mask review

Disclaimer: I did receive the Garnier Papaya hair mask for free but all opinions are my own. When I first heard of it I wasn’t sure what to think I do have great shampoo and conditioner that help keep my hair be soft, full, and shiny. I decided to try for this as I do like trying new things and new products. I had a positive experience with other Garnier products and had used some in the past. It took me awhile to try it out not due to not wanting to but being sick with a cold that turned into bronchitis for that time period I just wanted to not think of trying other stuff and get in and out of showers. Once I was able to finally try it I forgot to read all the ways you can use it I’m still curious to see what other results I will get by using it as a shampoo and conditioner. So, I applied it for the leave in mask and waited for my hair to dry. As I applied the product I noticed not only the amazing scent but just the overall feeling as I put it in my hair it felt great going in.

Journal Challenge Day 13

Perform a mind dump of everything you are worried about Okay here it goes. I constantly worry about my mom sometimes I feel she could do a few more things to take better care of herself and sometimes I know it’s hard for her to not overdo things because she’s used to being able to do things. I’m worried about the direction our country is going and what else Trump will try to do that will make it worse and harder for people everything from Health care, trying to get rid of peoples rights, and I literally could go on. I’m worried about the state of education even if I do want to homeschool it just seems thanks to people with no knowledge of education is just making things worse and promoting hateful things in the name of education. I’m worried about my own health care especially with the measure out there for Oregon to fund Oregon Health plan and what trump is trying to do. I’m worried for those that deserve disability that are still fighting for it and how the system really does nee

Journal Challenge Day 12

Give free writing a try just write whatever comes to your mind Lol is this journal prompt kidding I’m the free verse queen when it comes to poetry unless it’s a story I live free writing in many ways. I’m hoping we get hubby’s mathesion w2 soon so I can finish doing the taxes be nice to get our refund before my birthday next month. Still don’t know where I want to go for it do know I want to see Black Panther. Put to see if that Saturday or next will be good for next game night. Looking forward to seeing my Aunt Becky and my grandmother this weekend. Harley is getting smarter and smarter every day I know she’ll probably crawl early she’s getting better already at rolling. She was my cuddle girl tonight. Glad things seem to be less hectic unlike especially the first two months of Harley’s life seems now it’s not so many appointments for overall. Can’t wait to get my haircut on Friday bangs are definitely getting too long.

Journal Challenge Day 11

Do you have a group of friends who push and support you? If not how can you make this happen? Yes, I have a wonderful group of friends who support me and push me some are close by and those end up doing game nights with and others are online many I have known for many years.

Journal Challenge Day 9

Simply write about your day Woke up thinking it was later went back to sleep got woken up by the daughter and ended up just chilling with her in bed until hubby and I both decided to get up. We took our shower and ate breakfast did the usual bottle cleaning round one. Cleaned out most of my email and checked on my tom app, watch Harley on the tummy time mat, got hubby’s sandwiches and other lunch stuff together. Started dishwasher, got pills and supplements, heated up the ham and hominy, played a little Yahtzee, and started my usual posts that go on the groups writing and contest wise. Hubby leaves for work, I get my small break before grandparents go to bed very early, eat dinner, and get the daughter back as my step dad goes to bed, more bottle cleaning and of course throughout the day changing and feeding the daughter. She has more tummy time and enjoys time on the swing. Watched some Hulu and Netflix, get through more Yahtzee, hubby texts on break and lunch, put the daughter in

Journal Challenge Day 8

Take time to reflect on your career. Jot down a timeline. What’s the best experience? The worse? What would you like to see in the future? Well as for paid work I’ve only done a few positions which have been customer service for a few places, collections, Prepper which was making sure documents looked good to be scanned in terms of home mortgage, ad builder, and a few I can’t remember off the top of my head. Most jobs were temp positions and a few that were full time. The ad builder was whenever I could get stuff and was paid per we but wasn’t high amounts. Most other than the ad builder, which I resigned as I thought the prep job was going to be full time, I lost due to my ever getting worse asthma. The best experience for me was the prep job I could listen to music as long as I did the work and I was very good at it. I even got recognized as being one of the best ones before the assignment ended and they couldn’t bring me on full time. The worst was one of the customer service jo

Journal Day 7

Reflect on journaling so far. Is it going as anticipated? Are you enjoying it? Is it difficult? Well, since I started in this challenge late I’m more on doing a third day instead of seven. However, I believe it’s going well even my husband commented that it’s good that I’m writing again as he teased I married a writer was wondering where she went. I haven’t really found it difficult I usually do a few challenges before I crash after Harley has gone to bed for the night and hubby is done with his lunch break. Depending on things I usually gotten two but yesterday did three guess we will see how many I do today. I’m glad to be doing it I think it’s helping me get back on track least the last few days I’m obviously writing something and that’s a good start.

Journal Challenge Day 6

Write a 6 word memoir of your life so far Never give up resilience always wins

Journal Challenge Day 5

Write a letter to a loved one My dearest Harley, You are truly my miracle girl after trying for 5 years  and not using any fertility treatments I got to find out I was pregnant with you. As each week progressed and sometimes just the day I got more and more excited to have you in our lives. You are now just over three months old and watching you grow especially seeing already how smart and strong you are gives me endless happiness. You are truly the best thing that has happened to me other than marrying your father. I love just watching you smile, giggle, and play. I love sometimes just cuddling with you. The world right now is so uncertain with so many craziness going on, but I do hope somehow by the time you get even more aware what’s around you that it will become better and that when you get older you will have the opportunity to literally do anything you wish. I love my bundle girl always being your mommy is definitely one of the best things in this world.

Journal Challenge Day 4

Decide on one negative aspect you want to eliminate from your life and the steps to do so. Not sure if it’s per say negative, but I do want to improve within my power the relationships I have with my family for my daughter. My husband and I been working on this on both sides a little because we really do want Harley to know her family. Something I didn’t really have as much myself growing up because many members of my family weren’t close or when things were tried people would get frustrated. I have already been trying to message, get numbers and addresses, and start trying to make plans so people in our family can see Harley and to hopefully keep that going as she gets older. Obviously I can only control so much, but it is something I would like for her and myself.

Journal Day 3

Decide on one positive you’d like to implement in your life and the steps to do so. I already do a lot of positive things I have never smoked in my life, done illegal drugs, and I barely drink. I have thanks to my natural path even cut down the amount of actual medications I take and take a lot more supplements. I’m not perfect but I don’t go overboard with the diet stuff and we eat now more at restaurants than fast food when we do eat out. Only thing I can think of is other than get my writing going again is find an at home job I can do especially once my student loans are discharged in April. This way I can help make some extra money to help out but still be at home with my daughter. I want to start looking at first different things I can do other than some survey sites, increase what I am doing survey wise (which I’m slowly doing), and take any notes of stuff I might need. The journal challenge is my way to start getting back into writing I plan on looking up some poetry prompts

Journal Challenge Day 2

Manliness and femininity have been defined in different ways at different times. What does manliness and femininity mean to you personally? Well, this one is a bit hard as someone who was raised by a single mom, I didn’t really have a man figure in my life for the most part, other than I was pretty young when my mom was with this guy I actually remember calling dad. I’m actually friends with him on Facebook to this day. Two years ago I did reconnect with a lot of my biological dads family which has been wonderful. My husband is totally different he was raised by his grandparents. Personally, I don’t like many labels because there is just so much negativity to most of them including manliness and femininity. Personally I like that there’s less focus or I think there should be. Not saying men can’t still be certain aspects that’s usually associated with manliness same with women on femininity, it’s just where we start saying people can’t do things due to their gender, which mostly affe

Journal Challenge Day 1

Why are you doing this challenge and what do you hope to get from it. I’m doing this challenge for a number of reasons. One, I’ve fallen off writing anything in months the last thing I write was an article like post in June of last year, so I was about five months pregnant at that time with my daughter Harley. Second, even before doing a few article type writings while I was pregnant I hadn’t done that much overall writing in awhile, it’s like my muse went literally radio silent. Third, writing is something I have always loved it’s literally gotten me through many things in my life and I want to get back to that. I know obviously there will be some challenges as I do currently have a three month old daughter, but I’m hoping this challenge will get me back on the wagon so to speak.