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I Dream About You

I dream about you,
Wishing you were here holding me tight,
I dream about us,
The vision of light from the darkness,
I dream about the future,
Something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do,
I dream about you,
Wanting you to be here in real,
Wishing that you were kissing me,
Wishing that you could make me smile,
The way I do everytime I talk to you,
The way I do whenever you tell me you love me,
The way I do when you talk about the future of us,
I dream about us,
The life and dreams I thought taken away,
From the one that caused me so much pain and hurt,
From the one that tried to kill my soul,
But now it has been brought back,
The light has returned,
The shadows have ran away,
And all I see is us,
And all I see is the happiness,
And all I see is the Technicolor dreams,
And I journey through the blue and green,
And I journey through the dark to light,
And I journey to where you are,
And I feel your arms around me,
And I feel your lips on mine,
And I feel your heart beat in time with mine,
I dream about you,
And sudde…