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There Is Only One You

There is only one you,
Only one man that sets my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
My dreams,
On fire,
There is only one you,
The one that gave me something,
Showed me everything,
Believes in us,
Takes care of us,
Wants nothing more than the best,
The best for the both of us,
To keep on loving,
To keep on growing,
To keep on believing,
To keep on trusting,
There is only one you,
The one that my heart belongs to,
The one that my heart sings to,
The one that I look into with my eyes,
With my heart,
With my soul,
With everything that I have,
I love you my darling,
I love you with everything,
Every part of who I am,
You are the one I needed,
You are my heart’s desire,
You are my forever,
You are my eternity,
You mean the world to me,
And know that these words,
This heart,
This love of mine,
Belongs to you,
To you alone,
Because you are the only one,
The only one of you.

Maybe I

Maybe I am crazy,
Maybe I am insane,
But I will keep on trying,
I will keep on fighting,
I will keep on believing,
In a better way,
Maybe I am wrong,
And maybe I am right,
But sometimes there is so much,
So much of a fight,
When did we stop trying?
When did we stop listening?
When did we just stop for a moment,
And thought another way?
You don’t always have to agree,
You don’t always have to believe,
But would it hurt you for the moment?
Would it hurt you for the time,
To look deeper in,
To look deeper within,
To look inside,
And not just judge,
And not just judge by the moment,
The sense of what you see,
Nothing is quite what it seems,
Maybe we finally see,
That we don’t have all the answers,
That we don’t have everything figured out,
That we don’t have everything in our mind,
Things are always changing,
Life is a constant change,
Although the overall might still be the same,
The people,
The emotions,
The feelings,
The severity,
Is different than what it was before,
Maybe I am crazy,
Maybe I am insane,
But I must believe …

Twenty Seven Roses

Twenty seven roses,
Stems touch,
Hold forever,
Symbol of True Love,
If White,
Symbol of friendship,
If Yellow,
Symbol of this emotion,
Symbol of that emotion,
Ever changing,
Ever wielding,
Ever fading,
To the next day,
Twenty seven roses,
Placed near me,
Open as I am,
Open as my heart is,
As the smell caresses the air,
Twenty seven roses,
Lay there beside me,
Reminding me,
Caressing me,
Of a moment,
Of a dream,
Of a love,
Deeper than any I’ve ever experienced,
Ever thought of,
Ever conceived of,
Ever imagined,
Ever dreamed,
You are my everything,
My very breathe,
My very soul,
My very moment shining,
Ever so strong,
Twenty seven roses,
Each one representing,
Something within our hearts,
Something within our souls,
Something deeper than the outside,
Something more than just a number,
Just something that is out there,
It holds onto the truth,
Of that love,
And it blooms,
As they rest,
As they intertwine,
As they hold,
Forever to our light.

1 AM

Silence fills the room,
I am left to my thoughts,
My guy is at work,
And my mind is racing again,
Words that need to fill the page,
Words that need to encourage,
Words that find a way home,
A way home from where I am,
Whisper so softly,
As they speak to me now,
Missing him like crazy,
Another moment passes,
The love speaks again,
As the clock ticks,
Time seems to be going quickly,
Trying to slow it down,
Excited but patient,
Patient for the change that is coming round,
Listening to the words as they speak,
As they call to my name,
Lacing through,
Drawing near,
Speaking once again,
And the silence fills the room,
Thoughts are speeding like light,
Words speeding like sound,
Wishing he was here,
Wishing I was there,
Wishing we were together,
And the clock ticks,
The words sound,
And I weave the words,
Onto the page again.

Things Valued In Life

Being with you,
Being with my friends,
Being loved,
Being blessed,
Having joy in my heart,
Even through the dark grey clouds,
Having faith,
Knowing Him,
All of these are things I value,
Value most in my life,
Being a good friend,
Standing there beside those,
That stands beside me,
Holding onto those things,
That is not always seen,
But felt inside one’s heart,
Felt inside one’s soul,
Reaches in,
Holds on tight,
And never let’s go,
That claims the very part,
Of the depth of your heart,
And shakes you up,
Gives you a moment,
And helps you find a way,
To something even better,
Than what you could ever imagine,
In your dreams,
And that these things,
Is something to hold onto,
Is something to believe in,
Is something to keep strong to,
Because love,
People you care about,
People who are hurting,
These things are what matters,
Not the material things in this world,
Not the material things we get caught on,
We need to look deep,
Deep into our actual soul,
Stop trying to one up,
Those around us,
But instead give o…