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Summer Shower

Wetness falls around me, Drop by drop, Moment by moment, I stretched my hands to the sky, Wanting to feel it all, Cascading against me, Wishing for the coldness against my face, Needing that pure moment, That moment of feeling whole again, That moment of feeling open again, That moment when nothing else seems to matter, Wetness falls around me, As the drops hit the ground, As the moments seem to slow, As the breathe seems to slow, As the drops slow down, Wanting more than this simple moment, Wanting more than this, Wishing to be kissing someone, Letting the wetness cover us both, Letting the laughter fill the air, Letting the dreams fall into place, Wetness falls around me, I am brought back to the present time, Wishing that there was something more, Wanting to feel him near me, Wanting to have him tell me, Wanting to feel the passion deep inside, Wetness falls around me, But than it starts to slow, The drops become less, And I look up into the sky, The drops stop, And I am brought bac

Yearning For You

There isn’t a single moment, There isn’t a single time, There isn’t a single second, That my heart beats loud of you, That my heart sings your praises, That my heart wants you home, That my heart keeps on wanting, That my heart keeps needing, I want to feel you next to me again, I want to feel your arms around me, I want to feel the way you kiss me, I want the whole world to disappear, I want the moments of just you and me, I yearn for you my darling, The way you feel when you lay next to me, The way your kisses feel against my lips, And against my skin, The way you touch me, The way you send electricity through my whole body, The way you can turn me on by a simple look, By a simple touch, By a simple I love you, By a simple I miss you, By a simple I want you, There isn’t a single thought, There isn’t a single minute that ticks by, There isn’t a single second my heart beats, Without the thought of you, I yearn for you my love, You are truly the one who I want to be with, The one I want

I Loved You Once

I loved you once, Once upon a time, When things were different, When my heart was younger, When my life was much simpler, I loved you once, Choose to believe you over People I had known for years, Because I thought we would be together forever, I thought we would be us forever, I never thought that grey cold skies Would end our relationship, I never thought I would have to Take all the strength and courage In the deepest parts of my heart, In the deepest parts of my soul, To leave you behind, I loved you once, Once I would have done anything To make you happy, To make you want to be with me, To make you do anything To hold me once more, To have you give me the love, That I thought was deep in your heart, But that has disappeared now, The love has faded away like ashes into the wind, The love has been casted out, And I am left to move on, I loved you once, That I once while mad at another, That truly does care for me Dared to compare him to you, But that has now gone away, I will not le

Leave Me Breathless

Just hold me like that another moment longer, Just kiss me like that and let all the passion fulfill, Just take me into your arms, Just kiss my neck just like that, Just say those words, That I long to hear, Tell me that you need me, Tell me that you want me, Tell me to be yours again, Tell me to come back here you, As you pull me into your arms again To hold me close, To kiss me deep, To make my mind lose control, Just let me breathe you in, Just let me think of nothing but us, Just let the world fade away, Just let there just be the two of us, Leave me breathless my darling, Do all the things that I know you can do, Kiss me with the passion that’s deep inside, Touch me with the passion in your hands, The passion in your soul, The passion that makes me lose control, I want to feel it all, Do not stop, Do not wane, Do not give me rest, I want to feel you, I want you to leave me breathless.

My 4th of July Fireworks

Feeling your arms around me, Feeling every bit of you in my mouth, In my hands, In every part of me, Smelling the scent of you in, Bringing it into a constant memory, Holding you tightly in my arms, Not wanting to let you go, Not wanting to see you leave, Wanting to call you back for another kiss, Wanting to call you back for another hug, Wanting to hear you say I love you once more, Wanting the night to never end, Wanting this moment of bliss to keep continuing, Wanting more of you, Wanting that dream of forever true, Never have I had a moment so wonderful, As the moment you kissed me again, As the moment you said I love you, As the moment you said you missed me, As the moment you said those words That I needed to hear, Knowing that my patience has paid off, Knowing that my hope in us, Having the belief that things Would be good again, Knowing that our love is strong, That our love is stronger than anything, Knowing eternity is finally here, Knowing eternity is in this, Knowing that t

Mark Me

Mark me with your eyes As you look into the depths Of my soul, Mark me with your love That reaches parts of my heart I never knew, Mark me with your lips Around every part of my body, Mark me with your tenderness That surrounds us, That encloses us, That shines like the sun On the brightest day, That keeps me going when the skies seem grey, And everything seems to be going wrong, Mark me with your passion, The passion that burns deep inside Your heart and soul, The passion that burns for me, The passion that lights up whenever you Are around me, The passion I feel whenever I listen to your voice, Mark me my darling, Mark me with everything you have, Because I want everyone to know That I belong to you, And you alone.

Our Connection

Our connection Is what keeps us strong, Is what I hold onto whenever you aren’t Physically here, Is what I feel in my heart And in the deepest parts of my soul Anytime I look into your eyes, Is the bond I feel Whenever your arms Are holding me tight, Is what I feel in the very depths of my soul, Whenever I just think of you, Is what keeps me going strong, Whenever everything else Seems to just fall apart, Our connection Is what kept me going, When we have been apart, Is what keeps me sane, When everything else Seems to be going crazy, Is what helps me when I want to fall apart, And just break down and cry, It is everything to me, Everything I had ever wanted, Everything I had ever needed, Everything I could have asked for, Everything I didn’t ask for but wanted, Our connection is strong, It is strong as the heart that beats , Beats forever for you.

You Can Ask Me

You can ask me almost anything, You can ask me if I love you, You can ask me if I care, You can ask if I would walk through The roughest times that we might go through, You can ask if I will be with you forever, You can ask me to believe in your dreams, You can ask me to believe in you, You can ask me to stand with you, Until everything else disappears, You can ask me these things, And know that I would say yes, I do and will always love you, I do and will always care, I would walk through the roughest time, Standing there with you every step of the way, It doesn’t matter what you might be going through, I am the one that isn’t going to leave you, Unlike others in your life, I am the one who is going to believe in your dreams, The one who will believe in you, The one who wants to be with you forever, The one that will be there when everyone else is gone, You can ask me almost anything, Ask me to be your lover again, Ask me to be your wife, Ask me to stay with you forever, Ask me to hol

One Rose

One rose for a simple kiss, One rose for a hug, One rose for the laughter, One rose for the memory, One rose for the dream within, One rose for eternity, One rose for the rest of the journey To the hearts of two, Two hearts bound by love, Two hearts bound for the truth Of the emotions within the heart, Of the dreams within the soul, Of the stars within the galaxy, That collide within us, Two become one, One moment, One dream, One life forever, One perfect moment of bliss, One complete moment, A moment that lasts forever, One rose to remind me of your love, One rose to show me the truth inside, One rose to give me hope when all seems lost, One rose to give me strength when it feels Like I have none, One rose to show that love is true, That it can and will last forever, Because I found my one rose Within the soul of you.