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Days of Summer

Summer blows you a kiss as the days get warm, The light of the sun warms your face, The heat of the memory of the Summer Fling’s embrace, The cool of the touch when the Fling ends, The feelings of temptation calls your name, The feelings of lust pound on your soul, The wanting of more reminds you every day, Just how close you came to forever love, The tears and pain hit your eyes, And fall like a flood, Because you thought it ended to soon, You thought it would be more than a Fling, You thought maybe just this once, Life would never be the same, Life would be filled with the love you always dreamed, The love that is buried in the depths of your soul, You want to lose hope by the end of the Summer, You do not want to have anymore Summer Dreams, But you feel a voice calling inside of you, Saying no, don’t give up yet, You wonder if you can find your hope, If you can find your ground, You wonder if you could ever stop, Ever stop the pain that comes at times With the warmth of the Summer,