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Day 18 Your Favorite Birthday

I have many different good birthdays over the years however I would say my favorite birthday would have been my most recent which was my 29th birthday. I got to have pretty much a birthday weekend since my birthday was on a Sunday and being the day after Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day we went to Wan Q's and I had a birthday party with a few other friends that joined in as well. I got to see Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief that day with Adam and Troy.

On Sunday after church we went for a nice drive, went to Claim Jumper, and saw The Wolfman. I was totally spoiled that weekend more so than any other birthday in quite some time. Being surrounded by my mom, Troy, and my friends also added to it. It is a birthday I won't forget anytime soon. With my 30th coming up it will be interesting to see what they try to do for that one.

Day 17 Your Favorite Memory

I have had so many wonderful and amazing memories over the years. There are four of them that are up there on the top of the list not necessarily in order of favorite because they are all favorites for different reasons. The top four I can think of is meeting my best friend Adam, graduating High School, graduating college, and meeting Troy.

Unlike many of my peers I enjoyed high school so when I finished it was a bit of a bitter sweet moment. Knowing I was moving forward in my life in many positive ways but it was hard too because I was leaving so many good things behind me as well. This happened on June of 1999. Graduating College was a lot like graduating High School in many ways it was a bitter sweet moment. Knowing that I accomplished something no one in my family had accomplished yet by that time being the first felt amazing.

During my time at college I did change my major from Accounting to Business Management and Human Resources. I ended up with the Business Management p…