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RIP Shirley Olson

Someone I loved today passed away as of last night. I talked to her husband and he found her gone about 5pm but we aren't sure how long ago she had already been passed. It's possible she had a heart attack in her sleep as she had some heart problems or a combination of her having COPD.. She was a friend a great person who loved a lot of people and was more open minded than most are in this world. She was also my mom. She wasn't my birth mom by any way but she cared for me and loved me like any mom would she supported me through so much.

She was the one that helped me survive coming back home and offered a place to stay if I needed it when things were very bad. She meant so much to me. She meant the world to me and so many others. I will never forget her. I will never not still remember. I will never not still love her.

She is in my heart always.