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Just a lonely thistle, Out in the field, At least the only one in bloom, Here among the others, Light purple flower, Budding upon it, Opened up to the world, Letting the light shine in, Letting the rain nourish it, Just a lonely thistle, In the big world of nature, Just trying to give some beauty, To the nature around, Showing that beauty, Comes in many different forms, That it isn’t always in the forms we might imagine, Sometimes we have to look harder, Or look differently with our eyes, This thistle can teach us many things, About the life around us, About not judging something, By just one look, And to look deeper within, Lonely thistle, Thank you for this moment, And the reminder, That sometimes we all need, To look deeper, To look within, To look at other things, Than just physical beauty, And when we look around, Look deep in someone’s heart, We can see a beauty, Much like the thistle, Which will bloom, Whe

Sunken Path

Sunken path, Hidden from view, Unless you open, The grass curtain, Take a peek inside, See the blue of the water, See the leaves on the water, The branches nearby, Can you see the wildlife, That relies on this area? Of this part of the world? It might not seem much to you, But many areas in this world, Might not, But can you gain respect? Can you see the calm? Can you see the beauty? Can you take a moment? To forget your hassles, And your hardships of your life? Sunken path, Hidden away beauty, Hidden away nature, Peaceful, Tranquility, Calmness everywhere your eye can see, As you look around this peaceful area, Admire the beauty while you can, Life goes by fast enough, Take a moment, Take a breath, Breathe in the air around you, Watch the leaves as they float, On that clear blue water, Close your eyes, Draw in your breath, Let the peace deep within, And thank everything there, The trees, The branches, Th


Rushing, Rushing water, Rushing stream, Rushing tides, Rushing here, Rushing there, Water flowing, Water coming down, Toward the bottom, Of this place, White waves, Beauty, Cold, Depth, Rushing, Rushing just as many of us, Rush through our lives, Day by day, Not taking time, Not taking a moment, To just stop every now, And then, To look at things around us, Even the rushing of water, Rushing through the rocks, The stones, And everything around, Its sole purpose, It’s only goal, Is to continue this flow, This process, This part of nature, Because that is what it does, Rush, Rush through the stones, The rocks, And everything else, Flowing the flow of nature, Of its path, Going to give substance, To all in its path, Rushing, Rushing water, Rushing just like life, Seems to rush around us, Some of us choose it, Some of us feel it chooses us, But we all make a choice every day, To take that appr

White Fluffy Clouds

White fluffy clouds, Stretched across the sky, Reaching out to all the sides, The sky seems so endless, Where there is no beginning, Or end, Where all there is the vastness, Of the world around, Lost in the moment, Looking at the wonder, As the white fluffy clouds, Roll slowly across the sky, White fluffy clouds do not care, What is going on in the world below, They just roll across the sky, Not knowing how much time has passed, Or what matters to us, They keep on rolling right above us, Time is endless, Time flies for the clouds, Because time means nothing, To something that lasts, Day upon day, Moment upon moment, Century upon century, White fluffy clouds, Stretched across the sky, We can look up at the vastness, Wonder with beauty, Wonder with delight, Wonder with the depth of our being, What wonderful sights we see every day, But do we truly take notice? Do we truly try to even understand? For just a moment? Fo