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I Never Told You (James)

I never told you that the tears felt like rain
When they came down my face
When I hadn’t heard from you in weeks,
Or the way my body felt that a part of me died
The moment that you left my side,
Or how the one time you held me
Made electricity touch a new meaning
And how I knew that my heart was so big
And so in love it seemed,
And the dream seemed more of fantasy
Than real reality,
I never told you how the distance
That was in miles never seemed that much
As long as you and I were together
And you secretly seemed to hold me
Whenever we talked,
Or the way my eyes couldn’t leave
Your picture every time I looked at it
Or the one chance I saw you,
Or how the time you asked me
To be forever yours
Even only knowing me for a short period of time
But you said you knew that you and I
Were meant to be together
Just from the first words we spoke,
I never told you about the many letters I wrote
In my journal that never will be sent,
Or how hard it was to throw the pictures
That I once held so de…

Building Our Future

Newer poem for my wonderful husband David :)

We build these dreams,
We build them to last,
We believe in tomorrow,
We remember our past,
We give hope to our future,
We hold on tight,
And we hold on fast.
We remember who we are alone,
We strengthen what we are together,
We help each other believe in
Our dreams together,
Our hopes together,
Our love that we share,
And the future we build strong and firm.
We soften each others burdens,
We build up lasting love in our hearts,
We soften the differences,
We build up what makes us whole,
We remember we have imperfections
Yet remember to love all the same,
We are building our future
On this solid ground,
And even when there are hard times
We know that our love can keep us together,
Keep us strong,
And get us through all our trials and tribulations.
We will build these dreams,
We will build them to last,
We will believe in our tomorrows,
And we won’t forget our past,
We will give hope to our future
For the rest of our lives,
Because we will bu…

I Don't Want To Be Perfect

As always I try to keep my poem posts on my blog seperate from any other blogging and such I do. Here's my newest poem thanks to the Shania Twain song I Don't Wanna Be and well a few other things.

Fix your eyebrows,
Dye your hair,
Put on some make-up
Come on show that you care,
Be sure to be dressed just right,
And be silent unless spoken to,
After all you’re just a woman
And your opinions don’t matter like a man’s,
You have to work double time to count
That glass ceiling holds you in,
Manicure your nails,
Brush your teeth just right,
Lose a few more pounds
It’s another fad diet
But it shouldn’t matter
After all you have to fit in,
You have to look the image,
You must fit the stereotype.
It doesn’t matter if you got a mind
It’s the outside that counts,
Not the beauty within,
Forget all those stories mommy told you
If you really want to fit in,
It doesn’t matter if you can write,
Or heal people’s hearts and minds,
Or able to kiss all the tears away,
You must look beautiful