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Falling Forever For You

Falling for you, Falling for your smile, Falling for your secret smile, Falling for your shyness, And the times that you shine, And the times that you laugh, And the times that you truly love, Even if not everyone can see it, I saw it in your eyes, Falling for the joy, Falling for the hope, Falling for the love, The love I have been waiting for, Hoping for, Praying for, Now you are mine, We have been together for some time, Soon we will become one, As we take those vows, And become husband and wife, Falling for you, Falling every single day, Every single moment, Every single second, Every single time I see you, Every time becoming more, And more again, Falling for you, Falling deeper into this destiny, Falling deeper into this love, Falling deeper, Stronger, Forever, Into the heart of you, You are my one, You are my everything, You are my one true love, I love you my darling, From the first moment, To the next moment, To forever, To eternity, I