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Memory Of You

I will never forget that day,
The day you asked me to be yours forever,
The world seemed just a bit brighter,
The sun seemed just a bit warmer,
Everything just seemed so much better,
But than you disappeared,
And than you went away,
And all the thoughts I had came crashing down,
Falling down hard like rain and hail,
I never really wanted to give you up,
I never really wanted to stop loving you,
I never really wanted to stop caring,
But it seemed that the choices in my life
Weren’t mine to have,
I wanted you still with me so much,
I wanted you still in my heart forever,
I didn’t want to give you up,
But it felt that my choices weren’t my own,
If there was a way to bring you back,
A way to bring back the happy memories,
A way to bring back the sunshine you gave me,
On the day you asked me to be yours,
I would do anything in the world,
Just to be able to stand by your side,
I still think of that day,
The day you gave me your heart,
The day I gave you mine,
And I know I will never forget,
Because as much as I have t…

Missing You

Missing the sound of your voice calling my name,
Missing the way I felt whenever I talked to you,
Missing the way I would think of you and smile,
Missing the way my heart felt whenever we talked,
Missing the way dreams seemed so beautiful
Just because I talked to you,
Missing the love that we had,
But you disappeared from my life,
You vanished without a sight,
And I was left trying to repair my heart,
And it seems sometimes it feels a bit broken still,
Tried to move on time,
And time again,
But now that I am free again,
My heart wonders back to you,
My soul wishes that you were never gone,
Would I ever hear your voice again?
It seemed likely not,
But a part of my heart wonders,
And a part of my heart wishes,
To hear those words again,
To feel those emotions once again,
To feel,
To feel again,
I sit here in the darkness alone,
Wishing I could hold you close to me,
But that just seems to be just a far away dream,
A dream that will never come true,
But a part of me wishes,
A part of me dreams,
A part of me wonders wh…