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Pcos and Pregnancy

11 years ago my journey to become pregnant with my first husband without knowing about polycystic ovary syndrome and thinking I only had asthma at the time. I struggled through the entire marriage not knowing that my constant changing periods, that my weight, and other things were to be blamed on something I only heard about from another friend. With health insurance and seeing different doctors as I grew up no one seem to catch I had pcos until 4 years ago that there was something behind my infertility, weird periods, and the weight issue although some was due to hypothyroidism. My heart would break many years over and over to the point I felt I was never going to have kids after the diagnosis.

Over the years my health issues would increase as if winning a horrible lottery adding more to the despair, losing hope of ever bearing a child, and adopting wasn't something that seemed possible to do. I met my natural path doctor in September of 2016 at a point where I felt the lowest ha…