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I am mystical and believed not real,
However I belong in those that have beauty,
In the deepest part of their dreams,
I am part of those who are innocent,
Believe in love,
Believe in a better future,
Believe that beauty is within
And not just on the outside,
I am pure white looking like a regular horse,
With the exception of a single pointed horn on my head,
I am believed to not be real,
But I am real in the hearts of those,
Who are pure of heart,
Pure of spirit,
Pure of mind,
Pure of love,
And I stand there beside them,
Through all those times of good and bad,
Reminding them that there is beauty,
Beauty in everything they touch.

The Problem With Love

The problem with love is that it is so hard,
It isn’t an easy emotion to express,
It isn’t an easy emotion to just hide,
You can hide being sad,
You can hide being angry,
But love seems to show through no matter what,
It will sneak up at you at the most inopportune times,
It will bring forth when you don’t want it,
It will hit you when you seem that nothing else could
Ever go right in your life again,
It will make you forget your reservations,
It will make you forget any promises you made to yourself,
It will make you forget many things that go through your mind,
It will tie your tongue making it hard to speak,
It will cause you to act like a fool,
It will burn through your mind when you think,
It will tie any other thoughts together unlike anything else,
It brings people together,
It tears people apart,
It brings happiness,
It brings sadness,
It brings destruction,
It brings peace,
It is an emotion that is unlike any other,
The problem with love it seems,
Is that there isn’t enough to go around in the world,