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Not A Woman Of Complexity

I am not a woman of complexity,
Not one to take hours to figure out what to wear,
Not one to always be perfect,
Rather be comfortable than anything else,
Not one to have millions of shoes,
Or items of makeup,
Or jewelry,
I am simplistic,
Always have been,
Probably always will,
Had to learn from a young age,
To not always have a bunch of things,
Never could understand,
Why there was such a need,
To have this and that,
Always grateful for what I had,
Always tried to make the best,
Even sometimes having second hand,
I was not one that was spoiled,
I was raised by a single parent,
Who couldn’t always afford many things,
I am not a woman of complexity,
I am one, who rather focuses on other things,
There is so much more to life,
So much more to this world,
Than to always worry completely,
About what clothes one wears,
Although clothes can sometimes say certain things,
Sometimes we forget to look more within,
We get so blinded by things that don’t even matter,
So although I am not a woman of complexity,
At least when it c…

Day 3 My Parents

All of my life the only parent I ever knew was my mom Rose. I can only recall one time during my childhood before I entered my 7th grade year on meeting my father. That was a less than pleasant experience. One I don't talk about that often because although I have been working on forgiving and letting it go even after all these years it still is hard on occasion. Not that my mom wasn't a great parent growing up as she was, but being told you are not one's child can be hard especially when you are twelve.

Although maybe not the best thing to deal with being raised by a single parent did have it's advantages at times. I learned a lot of lessons I am not sure I would have learned at that age. I learned very quickly how to save money, that you can't always have everything you want and to be okay with that, how to handle stress as much as possible on shortages, and that although packing and moving is hard you can make the best of it. I do know that I have a half br…

My Beliefs

I believe in love,
A deep wonderful emotion,
That might not always be easy,
But is wonderful,
And is worth it,
I believe in dreams,
Those that you can wrap yourself,
Around and hold on tight,
Those that might not always be easy,
But always so worth it,
At the end of every day,
I believe in hope,
To never give up,
To keep on going,
Despite it all,
I believe in friends,
People that can truly be there for you,
No matter what you are going through,
And loves you,
And cares for you,
Even through any short comings,
I believe in humanity,
Even though there is so much evil,
So much hatred,
So much pain,
I believe there is still good,
There is still wonder,
There is still beauty,
There is still hope,
At the end of the day,
I believe in God,
The Heavenly Father,
The one that sent His Son,
In order for us to not perish,
And to be able to live eternity,
In Heaven with Him,
I believe in joy,
And wonder,
And things beyond us,
And seeing beyond,
What we might see before us,
We all have stories,
We all have been through pain,
We all have been…