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Please Know

Please know that I love you, Please know that I trust you, Please know that although I might accidentally hurt you, That you mean everything to me, Please know that despite all the hard times We sometimes go through this is where I want to be Please know that I try to work through my issues, The ones that shouldn’t effect us, To the best of my ability, Please know that although I have been hurt That I want us to survive, That I want us to last, That I want this to keep going strong, Please know that I do accept you, For everything that you are, That I never mean to try to change you, That I never mean to try to make you feel That you are not good enough the way you are, That I never mean to compare you to those in my past, Just know that it has been hard for me, And although that is not an excuse For me to act the way that I have, That I do love you, That I do need you in my life, That I want what we want in our lives, And I am done listening to anything but our hearts, That I am done

At The End

Seeing you one last time before it was final, Was the hardest thing to do, Awkwardness was around me, Pain filled my being and heart, I couldn’t look you in the eye, Knowing that my heart would betray me, Knowing that my eyes would betray me, Knowing the shred of the love I had for you, Would cut me deeper than any other pain, I had felt in my life, I want to break down and cry, Forget about being strong for a moment, Uncover the mask I feel is on my face, The mask to hide the emotions in my mind, The emotions in my heart, I know that I love Tristan with all my heart, I know that he is the reason I have survived the drain Of the emotions going through my mind, Of the emotions going through my heart, At the end I know that a new road will start, I know that the pieces of my broken heart will mend, I know that eventually the pain will subside, I know that I will see the sun fully again, I know that I have to keep my head up high, Even when everything else feels like dying, At the end of