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Lots Of Pretty Little Flowers

Lots of pretty little flowers, Decorate our path, As we walk through the garden, Of our love, Big blooms, With pure white, These white flowers, Dance, Sway, As to their own music, As we walk together, Hand in hand, In this moment, In that time, Of true love, Of full bliss, Of that joy, And oneness, Lots of pretty little flowers, All around, As we lay in our bed, Together enjoying each other, Being in one, Holding close, Many kisses given, Many embraces received, As true beauty, And love, And joy, Is cherished, Held onto, As we forget the time, And space, And enjoy these moments, Of when it can be just us, And no other distractions are around, Pretty little flowers, Decorate our table, As you give me them, As a present from your heart, Writing how you love me, And how much I mean to you, And that I am always yours, Pretty little flowers, You may fade away, As the seasons change, As time changes


Dream, Take a chance, Take a moment, Take a leap, Give your full heart, Give your full soul, Give you’re very last breathe, If you believe, If you reach out, With all your moments, With all your time, With everything, Do not let the hurt of today, Or the hurt of tomorrow, Rob of your blessings, That is there within your reach, Dream, Believe, Put your faith in something greater, Greater than you can imagine, Greater than any one thing in your life, Love, The most wonderful emotion, The most true of anything, When trusted in a true commitment, Can be the supply of all joys, Can be the supply of all beauty, Can help the burden of hardships, Can help the burden of pain, Dream, Dream with every depth, Every breathe, Every moment you have, Because when you have love, True all compassing love, You will feel whole, You will feel at peace, You will feel full joy, And oneness with that one, This story can come true,