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I'm Your Girl

I’m your girl not because
Of how sexy you are,
Not because you pay my way
With my money being tight,
But because when you hold me
I feel the world melt away,
I feel the dimples show
Because I cannot stop smiling,
But because when you hold my hand,
And you kiss me softly,
I feel love and passion,
Dreams and realty,
Hope and bliss,
I’m your girl not because of how
You open the door for me,
Not because of anything material,
But because of every non material thing,
Your kindness,
Your sweetness,
Your smile,
Your voice,
Your eyes,
The way I glow,
The way I smile,
The way I feel beautiful
Being around you,
Feeling the wonder that is us,
I’m your girl
And was the moment I held you,
The moment I looked into your eyes,
The moment you kissed me,
I knew than and I know now,
That I’m your girl.