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To The Lost

To the lost souls
Do not lose hope,
Do not fully despair,
Do not give in,
To the ones who have lost love,
Who feel down and despaired,
Do not give up,
There is still hope,
There is still strength,
There is still a way,
To the ones who want to give up,
Don’t forget that there is always
A light if you look up,
Just put some faith in Him,
Just keep praying,
Answers will come,
There is a solution,
To the ones who feel they cannot go on,
Remember that there is an answer,
You can find it in prayer,
You can find it in trusting Him,
You can know that it is only
A temporary thing,
Although there are times
These words can be hard to rely on,
There are times that nothing
Seems to bring you peace of mind,
That the challenges seem too much,
Just take the time to listen,
To breathe,
To keep on going,
So, to all those
Who have been lost,
No matter the circumstance,
Know you are not alone,
That there are others,
That there is hope,
There is a solution,
There is a strength that can be found,
As long as you believe,
Believe in Him.


Lush beautiful greens
Through the grass and trees,
Rain that falls hits the ground,
And instant mud appears,
Through the in between
That can be metro city
And rolling countryside
Beauty can be found
Through seeing horses,
Listening to peacocks,
Watching the squirrels run
Through the trees,
Through the grass,
Listening to birds sing,
Hearing the traffic here and there,
This is all part of the city
The city that I love,
It might not be big named
Or well known,
But people are friendly,
There is great kindness,
And courtesy,
And its home,
Where the people I know
And love can be found,
And I cannot think of anywhere
That is better
Than this city,
The city of Beaverton.

Portrait Of Me

Creativity unwinds through these words,
Hope and dreams are abundant
In her thoughts,
She can see beauty
Through so many things,
Through her brown eyes
She has seen so many things,
She stands by those she considers friend,
She gives all she can to those
She believes in,
Once a quiet reserved type
Who still can be on occasion
Uses her voice through these words,
Bring to light
Beauty in love that people
May forget,
Or bring into light
Things people might not realize,
And sometimes just something
To keep believing in,
Although hardships have been
A common thing,
She tries to rise above,
Through each moment
Even though it’s not always easy,
But she is determined,
And through every single word
She will keep going
As this is who she is,
She’s more than just a girl
With long brown hair
And brown eyes,
She is the one who believes in dreams,
One who loves with all her heart,
A friend who stands behind her friends,
She is creativity and loveliness together,
She is her Troy’s girl,
She is the wonder that is me.