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The Voice Of An Asthmatic

Having asthma hasn’t always seemed positive, There has always been a struggle, There has always been a negative connotation, It has always been hard to see the positive, Of dealing with this disease, Never could I find a way to see things at a different angle, Of seeing the calling that I was given, I could help others that have this, I could help others see how important it is, To be concerned about this particular disease, For too long there has been lack of information, For too long people have treated it lightly, Like it is just something that can easily be cured, If you do a or b, For too long it hasn’t been brought into light, Just how serious things can be for the person that has it, And the family and friends that support their loved ones, But the time has come, The come has to be now, Where even though this asthma is hard, And having times of not breathing can come, That this is something worth looking positive on, To see things from a different angle, That someone needs to be

New Beginning

There’s been a new beginning, A new song in my heart, A new song in my soul, There have been some good times, Some challenging times too, But now that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I feel brand new, I feel the love God has for me, Putting into God’s hands my life, Has been liberating, It has given me hope for the future, It has given me even more strength than I could ever believe, My life has been changing, Ever since that day, It wasn’t the day I started, But it has come along since than, I went to a church, Felt welcomed and part of the family, Felt like I was home somewhere, Didn’t feel the resentment I felt before, Didn’t feel like I was an outsider, Didn’t feel what I felt so many other times in my life, There has been a new beginning, A new start in my life, I don’t feel empty anymore, I don’t feel like I am at war with myself, I feel that there is some new peace, There has been a new beginning, Something that came out of no where, But something that has changed my life,