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New Life

New life seemed to start
After coming up from the water,
The thoughts seemed to align,
Everything that has gone on,
Seemed worth it even more,
Coming to Christ was life changing,
But going through,
Making a public commitment,
Going to the water,
Having the pastor baptize me,
I felt a feeling,
I never felt before,
Although I had gone through it,
Gone through it before,
But it was different than,
As it was different that day,
By going through so much
Between those times in the water,
By growing so much,
Between those times,
By really feeling that God
Was truly in my life
From those different times,
By understanding things more,
By having more of a strength,
Knowing that this time
The commitment was there,
My commitment to God,
My commitment to the Word,
Was stronger,
For me the baptizes,
Going under the water,
Was a deep meaning,
Felt my life was truly starting anew,
Things have grown and changed,
I become a true child of God,
I felt it in my heart and soul,
Felt the connection solidify,
As the water flowed through,
I knew …