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How Do You Pray

How do you pray? Do you pray for just yourself? Do you pray for every thought? You can every think? Do you take a moment to pray for others? Do you give praise when you pray? Do you give thanksgiving? Do you thank God? For all that you have in your life? Do you give a moment? To think of those in hardship? How do you pray? Do you ask God to open your heart? To make any changes? To live life another way? Do you put away your pride? Become humble? Put your heart in His hands? Believe in Him? Give praise to Him? Acknowledge His will? Acknowledge His presence? Thank Him for what He has given you? How do you pray? Do you bow your head? Sit or kneel? How often do you pray? Do you pray without ceasing? Do you give some moments of your time? To give Him glory? How do you pray? Do you take those moments? Do you give that praise? Do you give thanksgiving? Do you thank Him? How you pray can make so much difference, It can c

For My Next Vacation

For my next vacation, I just want to stay home with you, I do not need to go anywhere, Or do anything, I just want to be within your arms, I could care less where we go, Or what we do, We could stay home, And just be in each other’s presence, That is all I ever need, To be holding you, Caressing you, To stand by your side, To hold your hand, To give you a hug, To kiss you, To just be with you, To study with you, To read out loud to you, These are the things I enjoy, Just simple things, Of intimacy, Growing in oneness, Day to day, For my next vacation, I just want to be with you, As long as I am with you, Being with my wonderful love, My beloved, My husband, My best friend, My life partner, As long as I am with you my darling, Nothing else really matters, We can go to any place, As long as I get to be with you, And enjoy those moments of peace, Without the daily grind of your work, Just being able to not worry

Our Choices

We all think of those questions, Of what should we have done, In this situation or that, Of that experience or another, We blame our past, Blame our lack of something, Or another, Blame the history, That came before us, Instead of focusing on today, Focusing on the future, We blame how someone has treated us, Or the sort of hand we are dealt, Instead of looking within, Instead of looking at ourselves, Our past can only be a part of us so much, Our history can only be there, It is only there for us to learn, Learn from those that came before us, We cannot just be hurtful, We cannot just be mean, We need to realize this at this moment, That what we should have done, Is more of what should we do now, We can keep blaming one another, Blaming this person, Or that, This hurt, Or that hurt, Or rise above it all, We can make this choice, Of our own free will, We can choose to be this way, Or choose to be that way, We can cho

Strangest Place For A Flower

The strangest place for a flower, Is when it takes root in a place, So hard, So cold, Heart was closed off, Did not want to feel the pain, Did not want to even feel the happiness, That could come to it again, It did not want to believe anymore, It had gone down that route too many times, Is the heart that is unyielding, That rather forget than try, That rather gives up than make it, That rather fades to the shadows, That rather deals with the cold than the warmth, Because it just cannot anymore, The strangest place for a flower, Is when it blooms in a place, That is so hard, So cold, That one could not imagine, That one could not fathom, But as the ice melted, As the coldness turned into warm, As the hardness turned into soft, The flower started to bloom, Bloom as never before, As it reached out to the sky, Took hold with its roots, And believed, And knew, And trusted, And stayed, Because although it was a strange plac