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Life As An Asthmatic Part 2

Today was one of those yay moments for someone who has asthma. I got a letter from the Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Human Services saying I was finally off the waiting list. What this means in English, for those that don't live in Oregon or in a state that might offer this sort of program, is that what they do is help people who need help getting into the work force again due to various reasons that might have either caused a disability or something related to that. Some of the other things that Vocational Rehabilitation can do is help with getting to doctor's to figure out all that is going on with you without much or any cost to you, give you help on finding a job, classes that can help you with job related things, and other things that I am not sure of since until now I've been on the waiting list. The reason why people have been put on the waiting list is that there hasn't been enough resources especially counselors and time to be able to see all the…