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My Easiest Decision

Loving you,
Knowing you are the one,
Knowing that you are the one,
I want to be with,
Choose to believe in,
Choose to love every single day,
Choose to give everything,
That I have within my life,
To hand my trust into your hands,
Has always been the easiest decision,
Has always been the easiest thought,
Because you pulled toward me,
As destined,
As given to me,
Through a wonderful gift,
Through a wonderful dream,
Through a wonderful promise,
Of truth,
Of love,
Of hope,
Of joy,
Being yours,
Being by your side,
Being the one you can count on,
Being the one you can love,
Being the one you can trust,
Being the one you see beside you,
Forever for eternity,
Has always been the easiest decision
Believing in you,
Believing in your hopes,
In your dreams,
In the way you smiled,
The way you smiled at me,
The way I could see,
Everything within your heart,
Within your soul,
Your love for those around you,
Your love for God,
Your love for so much,
Gave me all I needed,
Gave me all I craved,
Gave me everything that was an answer,
To a long l…

What If We Believed

What if we believed?
What if we realized?
What if we noticed?
What if we just gave a moment?
To truly look into our life?
To truly look at the moment,
The moment that passes through us,
And the light that shines,
The joy of beauty,
The heart of joy,
That flows through our ever most soul?
What if we believed?
Believed that there is still goodness,
Through this world of hurt,
And strife,
Raise above,
Look beyond today,
Look beyond the now,
Look beyond ourselves,
Look into the eyes,
The eyes of those around us,
Realized that even sometimes a simple task,
A simple smile,
A simple gesture,
Can make a world of difference?
To put aside the hurt,
The hardship,
The pains,
The strife,
The agony of ourselves,
And truly give all of what we have,
What our gifts are,
What love we can pour,
To those that need it the most,
We will know,
We will see,
That the what if,
The belief,
The hope,
The truth of it all,
Can come true,
And isn’t that worth it?
Worth it in the end?

Within Him

And Love,
Love so easy,
Love so true,
Times can be rough,
Times can be rough on you too,
But if you put your faith,
If you put your hope,
If you put your life,
Into those hands,
Let Him lead you,
Let Him guide you,
Let Him find you the way,
Let Him give you more than you could,
Ever truly ask for,
Let Him bring you glory,
Let Him bring you blessings,
Blessings you could never fully realize,
Or maybe even count on until then,
And realize how much difference it can make,
How your life changes,
Changes for the better,
Changes forever more,
When you accept Him you find,
Everything you truly need,
Everything you truly desire,
And He will always stand by you,
As long as you accept Him,
Believe in Him,
Have faith in Him,
And trust Him,
Let Him mold you,
Into what you are meant to be,
And you will find a peace,
That you will become whole,
In His sight,
And will reach higher,
Than you ever thought possible.

September 3rd

September 3rd will be the day,
The day that will be etched into celebration,
A day that will be filled with love,
Vows that will be shared,
Words that will be uttered,
Surrounded by so many,
That loves the both of us,
God brought us together,
And that day we will become one,
You are my everything,
My love,
My joy,
My deepest delight,
The best guy in my life,
I love you with everything,
And every day this love grows,
And grows again,
September 3rd will be the day,
When we stand in front of those,
That we love,
That we care for,
That supports us,
Make a vow,
Make a vow forever more,
It will be a day of celebration,
It will be a day of love,
It will be a day of new beginnings,
It will be a day of continuing what we have now,
It will be a day of many blessings,
As God continues to bless us now,
September 3rd will be the day,
The day I will celebrate with you my dear,
The day that you and I will join,
And be husband and wife,
Forever more.