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The Day Her Life Changed

She still remembers the day,
The day that changed her life forever,
The day she met the tall handsome gentleman,
And how he looked into her eyes and asks her out for a date,
He arrives that night with candy and flowers,
He takes her out to a lovely restaurant,
They have wine with their dinner,
All night they are dancing,
He tells her how beautiful and seductive she is,
Telling her that she is the lady he’s been waiting for,
They return to her home,
He gives her a kiss,
She meets his kiss
And returns one of her own,
She feels the passion build,
She feels her heart taken away,
She felt that nothing would ever be the same,
She still remembers that day,
The day that changed her life forever,
The day when she met her soul mate,
The day she met the person she would always love,
The day she knew that her search was now over,
The day her heart was won,
Won by the person,
Who was meant to be her’s,
As she was meant to be his.

My Love To The End

Once upon a time I hid in the dark,
Keeping recluse from the moments of love,
Shadows of the past didn’t want to shake off,
But visions of what could be,
Visions of the future beautiful and true,
Lovely draped secrets held on true,
You kept me from that darkness,
You brought me into the light,
You gave me the reason to no longer hid,
I could not hid anymore from the light,
You are my true inspiration,
You are my true dream,
You are my everything,
Even though I cannot be with you,
You are everything in my life,
You are who I love,
You are who I would drop everything for,
You are the one I could spend
The rest of my life with,
A part of me hides in the shadows,
Wishing with all my might,
Wishing I could be with you,
Wishing to be with you tonight,
Wishing I could hold you in my arms,
And to never let go,
I rather be with you,
But I am stuck here in this place,
Wishing for something I cannot have,
So I keep on going,
Knowing it’s better to have you one way,
And nothing at all,
But every night I think of you,
And a secr…