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Garnier papaya hair mask review

Disclaimer: I did receive the Garnier Papaya hair mask for free but all opinions are my own.

When I first heard of it I wasn’t sure what to think I do have great shampoo and conditioner that help keep my hair be soft, full, and shiny. I decided to try for this as I do like trying new things and new products. I had a positive experience with other Garnier products and had used some in the past. It took me awhile to try it out not due to not wanting to but being sick with a cold that turned into bronchitis for that time period I just wanted to not think of trying other stuff and get in and out of showers.

Once I was able to finally try it I forgot to read all the ways you can use it I’m still curious to see what other results I will get by using it as a shampoo and conditioner. So, I applied it for the leave in mask and waited for my hair to dry. As I applied the product I noticed not only the amazing scent but just the overall feeling as I put it in my hair it felt great going in.


Journal Challenge Day 13

Perform a mind dump of everything you are worried about

Okay here it goes. I constantly worry about my mom sometimes I feel she could do a few more things to take better care of herself and sometimes I know it’s hard for her to not overdo things because she’s used to being able to do things. I’m worried about the direction our country is going and what else Trump will try to do that will make it worse and harder for people everything from Health care, trying to get rid of peoples rights, and I literally could go on. I’m worried about the state of education even if I do want to homeschool it just seems thanks to people with no knowledge of education is just making things worse and promoting hateful things in the name of education. I’m worried about my own health care especially with the measure out there for Oregon to fund Oregon Health plan and what trump is trying to do.

I’m worried for those that deserve disability that are still fighting for it and how the system really does need a…