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Night Sky

I want to walk under the moonlight,
Walk with your hand in mine,
Stare at the stars
As they sparkle above us,
Making a wish,
Staring at the golden moon above us,
As I wrap my arms around you,
And I kiss you under the night sky,
Holding you close,
Holding you tight,
I feel the night sky move,
The stars twinkle a bit brighter,
The moon seems extra bright,
As the light shows
Our way through the night,
I hold you closer in my arms,
I kiss you under the beautiful night sky,
Wanting the moment to last,
Wanting the world to just stand still,
Wanting the moment to never end,
Every time I am with you,
Every time I hold you,
Under a night sky,
Or any other time,
I cannot deny these emotions,
I cannot deny this love I feel,
It only becomes stronger every day,
And as I hold you under the night sky,
I wish,
I hope,
I dream,
And I pray,
To be yours forever.