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One Of These Days

One of these days you will see,
You will find that you miss me,
That you want to be with me,
That you want to hold me tight,
But I am sorry my darling,
It’s a little too late,
It’s too late to try,
It’s too late to show,
It’s too late to ask,
Will you be mine again,
I have already moved on,
Moved on from you,
It wasn’t always easy,
There were many days,
That it never seemed it would end,
The hurt,
The pain,
The despair,
That you left me with,
When you walked out on me,
One of these days you will see,
You will see you really wanted me,
That you really should have stayed,
That you should have tried,
Tried to find a way,
Instead of letting me go,
Letting me leave,
With tears on my face,
Making a hard decision,
Trying to not look back,
And feeling so lost,
That I didn’t know if I could find,
Find hope,
Find love,
Find dreams yet again,
But then there he was,
The answer to my prayers,
To my dreams,
To my everything,
He broke through those walls,
He held me close,
And made everything fall,
Fall away,
And he showed me,
What real love …