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Next Step

Not going to give up, Not going to let in, Going onto that next step, That next step in life, In love, In dreams, In peace, In truth, In being, Got belief in that next step, In that next portion of being, In that next portion of hope, In that next portion of life, In that next portion of love, I am not going to give up, Not going to give in, Not going to even stop, Because I believe, Because I love, Because I know, The hope, The dreams, The truth, The knowing, I love you, I need you, I want you forever, I want to take that next step, Be with you forever, Be with you always, Follow our dreams, Watch for the stars, Reach them, Reach out to the sky, Let’s take that next step, No matter what is going on, No matter what is in our way, No matter, No more excuses, No more in the future, Let’s just go, Let’s just look into the world, Look into the future, And hold each other’s hand, Hold each other close, And go, Go toward that next step, Go toward the sun, Go toward that future, No more worri

Run Away

Come my darling, Come to me now, Fly with me, Run with me, Run away, Take that moment, Take that chance, Just come, Don’t think about it, Don’t think about anything, Just run, Run away, From all that restricts you, From all that holds you back, From everything that isn’t me, Run away, Run away my darling, I need you so much, Want you so much, Love you so much, Every portion, Every part, Every emotion, It carries, It screams, It wants, It needs, This love, This emotion, This everything, Run away, Run away with me my darling, Just grab my hand, Hold on tight, Don’t let go, Love me, Hold me, Just be, And run away, Run away from everything, Run away and come, Come home to me.

Falling In Love

One day we met and you held me, Two hearts became one, Three days later and I knew, Four kisses was all that it took, Five moments in the rain, Six dates later and there was love, Seven was the month I met your family, Eight months later was when life started to change, And now I was left here wondering, Where had you been all my life.

I Thought It Was Safe

For a friend. I thought it was safe to love you, I thought it was safe to care, I thought it was safe, To give myself, To give myself to you, To give myself fully, To let down the walls, Let down the barriers, Let down everything around me, To let you into my life, Let you into my home, Let you into the hearts of others, The hearts of others I love even more, I thought it was safe, We had gone through so much, So many hard times, But you held my hand, Said we were family, Said we were in this together, Through thick, Through thin, Through everything in between, But now you have been gone for awhile, Been gone, Not returning my calls, Not returning my texts, I even came around, But they said you were asleep, And still nothing, I try to be strong, I try to not cry, I try to just live, Get through every day, Get through every moment, Get through, Trying to figure out, Trying to figure out what to do now, Trying to figure out how to live, Trying to figure, Wanting desperately to know the

Tear Down The Walls

I want to tear it down, Tear down the walls, Tear down the barriers, Make them all disappear, Make them vanish without a sight, Make them vanish without a fight, Vanish make them gone, Make them change from the night, I want to tear it down, Tear down everything that stands between us, Tear down everything that is in our way, Tear down everything that is stopping you, Stopping you from just taking me, Holding me, Cuddling me, Making me yours, Marking me, And never letting go, I want to tear it down, Break it down, Make it not exist, Make it not real anymore, Make it in the past, Put it there, Make it go away, Make it disappear, I want to tear it down, Tear down those walls, Tear down those barriers, Make them disappear, Change it all, Will you give me that ability? Will you give me that strength? Will you give it to me? Will you change it? Will you help me? Or will you stand there? Letting them stay? Letting them stay, Letting me down, Letting me hurt more, Letting it shallow me whole,