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Running through the wilderness

Being followed by deer,

Watching the ships come in,

Not knowing what this might mean,

Knowing the world is changing,

But not understanding why,

Listening to the trees,

Listening to the animals,

Listening to all the sounds,

As she runs by,

She feels so safe and secure,

Feels like she is part of nature itself,

But she sees the ships coming,

She knows that there is something new,

She knows that change is coming,

Although not knowing what that might bring,

She is afraid but not,

She is curious,

She is aware of the unknown,

But today she will run,

Run through the wilderness,

Feel every breathe of the trees,

Feel the grass beneath her feet,

Watch the animals around her,

Knowing that this might change,

That her world,

Might be new to some,

But is still the same,

But her ways,

The ways she has known,

Might never be the same again.

(Using “Pocahontas,” by Leibovitz as my prompt)