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Fuchsia Flowers

White Clouds Within Blue Skies

White clouds within blue skies,Light within the light,Positive within the positive,Too many times do we look,Too many times we do not see,Too many times we do not realize,That there is always light,Beauty,And positive to everything,Sometimes we get so downtrodden,Sometimes we get so depressed,We do not look around us,Or look up,To see the beauty,And difference,Of just taking a moment,And putting our thoughts,Our emotions,Our feelings,In a different perspective,When was the last time?When was the last moment?That we just stopped,And looked up,To see the blue skies,The white clouds,The peace that comes,From just reflecting within,When was the last time,That we believed in the light within the light?The peace within the peace?The positive within the positive?The joy within the joy?Even through the hardships,Even through the trials,And tribulations,And difficulties,If we keep focused,If we keep on the faith,If we keep on believing,All we need is to look up,To the white clouds within blue …