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Summer Shower

Wetness falls around me,
Drop by drop,
Moment by moment,
I stretched my hands to the sky,
Wanting to feel it all,
Cascading against me,
Wishing for the coldness against my face,
Needing that pure moment,
That moment of feeling whole again,
That moment of feeling open again,
That moment when nothing else seems to matter,
Wetness falls around me,
As the drops hit the ground,
As the moments seem to slow,
As the breathe seems to slow,
As the drops slow down,
Wanting more than this simple moment,
Wanting more than this,
Wishing to be kissing someone,
Letting the wetness cover us both,
Letting the laughter fill the air,
Letting the dreams fall into place,
Wetness falls around me,
I am brought back to the present time,
Wishing that there was something more,
Wanting to feel him near me,
Wanting to have him tell me,
Wanting to feel the passion deep inside,
Wetness falls around me,
But than it starts to slow,
The drops become less,
And I look up into the sky,
The drops stop,
And I am brought back from the dream,
The dream of wa…