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Big City

She’s never been one for a big city,
She’s never been one for a small town,
She’s never been one to go with that flow,
She’s never been one to worry about those bright lights,
That seems to draw everyone else’s attention,
She’s always been one to go another way,
To go where others might have not been,
To go to places others might have not seen,
She has always been loyal to those midsized cities,
The places that drew her close,
The ones she thought of through the bad times,
The ones she planted her dreams with,
She’s never been one for the big city,
Never been one for that small town,
She has always been more of the in between,
More in tune of those moments,
That is not really big,
Not really small,
But the ones that stick in your mind,
Through those good times,
Through those hard times,
Through all those times,
And those are the moments,
The ones that are in between,
That she lives for every day,
She’s never been one for the big city,
Never been one for the small town,
She’s always been for those mid sized citi…

At Heaven's Gate

Many things pass away,
Many things come and go,
Many things have a place,
Many things have a moment of space,
But what we make of this life,
But what we make of these dreams,
But what we make of the moments we have,
That’s the most important thing,
Although when things pass away,
When things go to the next portion,
Just know that although things die,
That although things pass away,
That there is life beyond what we know,
That when we accepted Jesus as our Savior,
When we put our faith,
Our belief,
Our hopes,
Our life in His hands,
Than we have knowledge,
Than we know,
That although our lives here are short,
That although our lives here have pain,
That although our lives here have strife,
That there is a beautiful eternal life,
With our God,
With others that we care about,
With others that we will come to know,
In heaven,
So although things pass away,
Although our time here is short,
We have knowledge,
We have something to look forward to,
A time where pain,
Where strife,
Where hurt,
All fade away,
When we are with Him,

Where Can You Turn To

Where can you turn to these days?
When information is all over the place?
When there is an overload of this and that,
When everything can be found online,
But at what cost?
There is so much going around
There is so much information,
There are good things that is for sure,
There are moments in our lives we need support,
And find it through great communities online,
But there is the negative as well,
There is pain and strife that is found,
People who get stalked,
People who get hurt,
People who don’t know any better,
So where can you turn to these days?
Where can you find solace?
Where can you find peace?
Everywhere you turn,
Everywhere you go,
Everything around you,
Is filled with information,
Filled with good and bad,
Filled with this and that,
There are moments I know,
Moments I see,
Moments I can feel,
That this information overload,
This information that flows,
This information that is around,
But just know there are places to turn to,
Even in this information overload world,
Places that can still give you hope,

There Is No Science

How can one explain through theories,
And hypothesis,
And terms only known by scientists
What you and I have?
How can one explain through those means,
The love,
The laughter,
The hope,
The dreams,
The beauty of the world around us,
Maybe there is some things that can be explained,
Through theories and hypothesis,
But myself,
I rather look at the world around me,
Marvel in the beauty of the blue skies,
That as light touches it changes color,
Through the trees with the various leaves,
Listening to the birds as they sing,
The love that we have together,
The dreams that is beautiful and real to me,
More real than any theory of science could give me,
More than any measurement,
Any experiment,
There are just some things in life,
There are just some moments,
There are just some dreams,
That doesn’t need a theory,
Doesn’t need a measurement,
Doesn’t need an experiment,
Just needs hope,
Just needs faith,
Just needs wonder,
Just needs belief,
That some things are better,
Some things are just more wonderful,
Without those other t…