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Life Is More Than

Life is more than just simply living, It is more than just going through each day, Or going through the emotions, Or going through the memories, Or going through the hardships that may come, Or what goals you might accomplish, What dreams might come true, Or what dreams might shatter, Life is more than just experiences, Or what we do each day in our lives, It is about those tough moments, Those easy moments, And all those moments in between, It is about how you treat everyone around you, And yet still hold on strong and true to your being, To your faith and dreams, To your hopes and conquering your fears, To handling whatever life has given you, And holding on when everything around you seems dim, Life is more than cheesy sayings, Or pointless words, It is about encouraging another, Being the support someone needs, Showing the Creator’s love to each person, And to hold their hand as they discover, The love that is truer than anythi

Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 5

It’s been a long time since I have gotten to share my life as a medical anomaly with holidays and then a three week sickness that turned into the worst case of bronchitis with a touch of pneumonia.   Dealing with constant coughing and nebulizer treatments for several days was rough on my husband and myself.   It was rough that my husband had to see me in the type of pain I was in due to all the issues I was having.   Having asthma affects every part of my life even ones that seem like nothing to most, including spending time with family or not spending time with family, due to being concerned of one’s health. One positive news is that after quite a few years I finally got what I been waiting for, for quite some time which is the date for my hearing for the disability.   I still have a few months but hopefully come May this hearing will go well and I will get a favorable decision.   I already know that I will be having to wait some time before hearing anything, but it is nice t

Family Is More Than

Family is more than just blood, More than the ties made from marriage, More than just who you might grow up with, Mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, Sometimes our lives bring forth people, That become a part of our lives, They become adopted into our life, Become a huge part of our daily joys, The moments of sorrow, And the happiness that comes for all of us, They can be the people you develop a connection to, Ones that seem to understand you, The ones that seem to believe in you, That see you as one of their own, That are protective of you, That care about you, And have hopes and dreams of your life, That are there for you through all the times of your life, Family is more than just who you are a part of through birth, There is more than just those that you grow up with, They can be anyone and everyone you choose, They are the ones that you choose as your family, No matter what your family might mean in your life, You believe in the