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I Never Told You (Matt)

I never told you that you’re wavy
Brown hair touched
And defined right above
The blue eyes that I could
Lose myself in for hours,
Or how from the first moment
We spoke I knew in my heart
And the deepest corners of my mind
That my life would be forever changed,
I never told you that there
Were numerous times
That I wanted to stop
Everything for a few moments
To capture time spent with you,
Or how I enjoyed
The attention and even the jealousness
If others showed interest
When we were young,
I never told you how your voice
Could sometimes cause me speechless
Or make me nervous
Yet soothed my inner being
Whenever I needed peace
Or extra love,
I never told you
That although I haven’t
Seen your deep eyes
Or the wavy hair
Or hear that voice
That caused me to fall for someone
For the very first time
For a love so simple yet true,
I never told you thank you
For showing what love is
And installing faith in it forever more.

Dedicated to Matthew Pomazal