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Beautiful Love

Beautiful love,
Beautiful hope,
Beautiful reality dream,
Beautiful moments with you,
Every time I look into your eyes,
Every time I hold your hand,
Every moment I spend,
I fall harder every moment,
Every moment we are together,
Every moment that we maybe apart,
I know that this feeling is ever growing,
I know this feeling is ever expanding,
You have become an important part of my life,
You have become a part of my family,
You are the person I adore,
You are the person I love,
You are the person I enjoy spending time with,
You are the person I cannot get enough of,
Every conversation,
Long or short,
Every day it continues to grow,
Beautiful love,
Beautiful hope,
Beautiful reality dream,
I have been through many hurts and strife,
Through pain and many tears,
I have made some bad decisions along the way,
But now I have been blessed by you,
God found the perfect person for me,
For this I know,
I know this in the very depths,
The very depths of my heart and soul,
And He brought this person to my life,
A person I could tru…


I am so very thankful,
Thankful of everything that is in my life,
Thankful for having Jesus as my Savior,
Thankful for having Troy as my boyfriend,
He is wonderful and sweet,
Thankful for having my mom
As she has always been there for me,
Thankful for having all my friends,
Both online and offline,
Thankful for having those that became my family
Throughout the crazy years,
Thankful for my best friend Adam
Who has been there for the ups and downs,
Thankful for the laughter,
Thankful for the joy,
Thankful for the happiness,
Even thankful for the tears,
Even thankful for the pain,
Even thankful for the trials,
Because it has shown that I can get through,
That I can be tested and come through alright,
I am so very thankful,
For all that I have,
Even the things I don’t,
I have come to appreciate what is really needed,
And what is not necessary,
Thankful for all the time I have,
With those I have around me,
Thankful for all that has gone in my life,
The good,
The bad,
The hard,
The easy,
Because it has made me,
The person I…

Maybe Dreams Are Possible

Maybe dreams are possible,
Maybe dreams can be real,
Maybe they can be more than just imagination,
Maybe they can be more than some simple fantasy,
As long as there is the hope,
As long as there is the strength,
As long as there is the belief,
As long as there is the positive of what can be,
As long as you put everything in God’s hands,
I believe that dreams are possible,
That dreams can be real,
That there might some dreams
That comes to you that you never thought of,
That there are dreams that wait awhile,
Until you are ready to receive them,
That there are dreams that might be frustrating,
Because you might feel that you will never accomplish them,
But do not give up,
Do not give in,
Just keep hoping,
Just keep believing,
Just keep praying for the strength to keep going,
Because perhaps dreams are possible,
Even in the world we live in today,
As long as we give ourselves,
As long as we give our hearts,
As long as we give our spirits,
As long as we give our everything,
To our higher power,
Dreams are possible,

Keep On Growing

Many changes have come through my life,
Through the days of coldness and warmth,
Through hardships and strength,
I have kept on growing,
Kept on changing through every moment,
Some changes were not always the best,
Some decisions were not always great,
Some moments were not always that wonderful,
But there have been happy times as well,
There have been changes that were good
Or changes that made a positive impact even if
Things didn’t seem like it would be at that time,
Although my faith might have waivered on many things,
I stand here today stronger than ever,
Feeling strong within my faith of God,
Of love,
Of hope of the future,
Of a better tomorrow,
Of personal growth,
Of spiritual growth,
Things might change again and again,
Trials and tests might be thrown in my way,
But I will keep going,
I will keep growing,
I will stand firm,
On this foundation that has now been built,
I am ready,
I am willing,
To keep on going,
To keep on believing,
To keep growing in the grace of God.

Believing In The Positive Of Tomorrow

There is so much pain and strife,
So much tears and rain,
So much war and hurt,
People being killed,
People losing their homes,
Jobs that disappear,
During this time it is hard to stay positive,
That things can get better from what it is now,
But if we put our hope,
But if we put our faith,
But if we put our prayers on God,
Than we know that there is a way,
That things can change,
We just have to keep on praying,
We just have to keep believing,
We just have to keep going,
No matter what is thrown in our ways,
Remember that this pain is only temporary,
That the hurt and tears
Is just a momentary thing,
The sun will always still shine,
Even through the cold and rain,
We just have to believe,
We have to realize that positive starts,
With believing that things can change,
That once we put our lives in God’s hands,
We can see changes in not only our hearts,
But things around us,
The way may not always seem clear,
And the way we might not always understand,
But if we keep on praying,
But if we keep believing,
But if we ke…