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The Link Within Us

There is a link within us,
There is something no one can see,
There is something that is strong,
There is something between the two of us,
There is something so strong,
I had thought I found eternity before,
I had believed forever in true love,
I had thought that once upon a time I found the dream,
The dreams come true,
But that part was not meant to be,
But I have found now the true calling,
I have found the true home,
I don’t know what it is,
There’s something strong going on,
Every passing moment makes it stronger,
Every passing moment keeps my heart beating,
Every passing moment the dreams become more solid,
Every passing moment everything else disappears,
And all that is left is this link,
This emotion running strong,
This dream becoming more real,
I had believed I found eternity before,
But the emotions than don’t even compare,
They cannot compare to this emotion with you,
They cannot compare to this dream,
They cannot even come close,
I have always believe in true love,
I have always believed in love ete…

Time And Space

Time and space have lost all meaning,
Dreams just keep on dreaming,
Memories keep going strong,
There is something about you,
There is something this connection,
I don’t know if I can show you,
But I want to try
I want you to be mine,
I want you to be mine always,
Can I have you for Christmas my dear?
Can I hold you close?
Can I kiss you deeply?
Can I hold you in my arms?
I never want to let go,
This heart beats so loud can you hear it?
It’s saying your name over and over,
And over again,
Time and space have lost all meaning,
My heart keeps on beating,
I can hear it loudly in my mind,
I can hear my mind thinking,
The thoughts are racing now,
Racing so fast I cannot stop thinking,
Cannot stop wanting this,
Cannot stop needing this to be real,
I want to hold you close,
I want to kiss you deeply,
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to hold you and never let you go,
I have found my true bliss,
There is just something in all of this,
Time and space have lost all meaning,
Dreams keep on rushing through my head,
I cannot …