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Life As An Asthmatic Part 7

Oh, how life seems to keep on making things interesting. It's interesting how just a few months your life feels that it has turned a lot of various roads in such a short period of time. Since the last time I had written about my life as an asthmatic so much has gone on my dear readers and I apologize for not have written something in so long. I have been doing writing but mostly poetry as I was able to. I had a part time job for about a month until the other job I had for over three months started. The part time job did cause a few problems for my asthma not usually severe enough to go to Urgent Care but bad enough to not be able to go to work. I should have remembered that this place I had the job at was bad for my asthma but I thought well maybe if it is a different job that wasn't stressful I wouldn't have the same problems. Sadly I was wrong, it wasn't the job per say it was the environment. I feel I do have some sort of occupational asthma but what exactly

The Meaning Of Love

This is the story, This is the moment, This is the truth of it all, The meaning of love, The meaning of that beautiful emotion, The emotion that can change everything, The emotion that can bring happiness, Can bring pain, Can bring smiles, Can bring rain, Can bring everything in between, But when you find it, Really truly find it, It is truly one of the best feelings, Best emotions, The best wonder, How just one moment of this feeling, Can change your whole entire day, Can bring you up when you are feeling down, Bring you smiles when all you want to do is frown, Bring you joy when everything else feels discouraging, This is the story, This is the moment, This is the truth of it all, The meaning of love, The meaning of this beauty of an emotion, The meaning of the wonder, Never has it seemed we can fully understand it, But we always grasp toward it, Toward this emotion, We battle so many things, So many moments, Just to have a taste of it, It is something so simple, Yet so strong, This

Keep On Climbing

Every single moment, Every single second, I am going to keep on climbing, Keep on going, Keep on believing, Because I know what I have, I know there is something, Even through those hard moments, Even through those dark days, There is my faith in God, There is the love I have for Troy, There are my great friends, There are so many things to be grateful for, Every single moment, Every single second, I am going to keep on climbing, Keep on going, Keep on believing, Believing in everything, Everything that is possible, No matter what I might go through, No matter what hard times I might find, No matter what might be thrown my way, I am not going to let a little stumble, Let any little falls, Let anything stand in my way, Because I am going to keep on climbing, Going to keep on going, Keep on believing, Because the faith I have, The faith in God, In my Troy, In my friends, That no matter any gray skies, Any dark moments, That I will able to keep on going, I am going to keep on climbing, Cl


Every one of us, Every single person, Have things, Have people, That count on us, That lean on us, That hope for us, That we feel obligated to, But we must remember, We must remind ourselves, That although we have these obligations, Those things that is required of each of us, We got to remember that these things, Every single one is meant for a blessing, Meant as something wonderful, Something beautiful, Something to give us strength, Something to remind us, That we are not alone, That we have other people, We are obligations to each other, We all need love, Need caring, Need support, Need light, Need truth, Need wonder, Need delight, There are moments we will forget, And days that we cannot help but remember, So when you think about all those things, All those obligations in your life, Don’t forget, Always remember, That there are blessings, There are rays of sunshine, Through every single one, If you look into the depth, The depth of your heart, The depth of your soul, The depth of


Every single day, We should keep on renewing, Renewing our faith, Renewing our love, Renewing our hope, Renewing the relationship we have, The relationship we have with You, We should always be blessed, Should always be grateful, Be renewed that You are there for us, There are always those moments, Those times, Those days, That we want to forget, That we do forget, That we need reminded, Sometimes we need to go back, Go back and renew, Until we are called home to Heaven, Until that moment, We need to remember to keep on serving, Keep our watch, Keep on strength, Keep on going, Because we are special, We are called to do Your will, To keep glorifying You, We need to remember, We are the light for You, We are the salt, We need to remember, We need to never forget, Remember the gift we have been given, Every single day, Every single moment, Every single time, We must keep renewing, Renewing our faith, Renewing our hope, Renewing our praises in You, Renewing our love, Isn’t now the time? I


There is not a day that goes by, Not a moment that passes, That I don’t still remember, Remember all those times, Those times we shared together, Although it has been so many years ago, But those moments were short lived, Those moments were only for so long, Before I knew it you were gone, Gone from my life, Gone from my world, Gone, I kept on hoping, Kept on wishing, Kept on wanting it to be just a bad dream, But as the time went on, You were still gone, And the tears were there, And the moments were hard, And moving on was tough, And wanting you back was strong, But I knew you were gone, Gone forever, At least from this life, You were taken, Taken to heaven, Taken away from all this, You no longer had to deal, Deal with the hurt and strife, The strife of the world that is around us, Oh how you would be proud, Proud of everything that has happened, Since you had to leave, I will never forget, Forget how you cared, How you loved, How you were another mom to me, You were my comfort, Thr

Learning To Live With Myself

There have been those dark moments, Those moments that weren’t always the best, Those moments that I choose wrong paths, But through it all I have had to learn, Had to learn to live with myself, I’ve walked down many paths, Many moments of hard times, Sad times, Always stretched out, Always wanting to find the peace, Find the joy that I knew was out there, Out there somewhere in that world, I tried so many things, Tried to lose myself in so many things, But never truly finding, Never truly seeing the answers, I have done so many things, Had to answer to those moments, Those hardships, Those times that weren’t always, A ray of light, But now that He is with me, Now that I have Him in my life, Now that I have accepted Him, Life seems to be easier, Times are getting easier, Even through still the hard moments, Finding ways, Finding strength, To live with what happened, To keep taking it one day at a time, Knowing that I am forgiven, Forgiven for those past sins, Been washed, Been cleaned,

Traitor's Kiss

With just one kiss His fate was sealed, He was to die on the cross, He was to die for our sins, He was to die for the love of many, All it took was just one moment, Just one kiss, Just one person to betray Him, Just one offer of money, Just one offer of things not so important, Many did not want to believe, Many wanted him crucified, Many didn’t want to open their hearts, Many didn’t want to hear the truth, So they thought, So they conspired, And then they got someone, Someone who was suppose to be close, So close to Him, To just show them, To show them Him, To betray Him, To give Him up to them, But He knew it was coming, He knew it was His Father’s Will, He accepted it because, He loved us, He loved those that are meek, Those who love, Those that have true wisdom, Those that sought to seek Him, He went to Calvary, He went with joy and love, He went to give us salvation, He went to give us eternal life, So with the traitor’s kiss it was sealed, Sealed for Him to die, Although He never

Keep On Learning

Every single moment, Every single day, We can keep on striving, We can keep on learning, We can keep on building, We can keep on finding ways, There are ups and downs, Rights and wrongs, We might stumble, We might fall on occasion, We might have those times When we are extra hard on ourselves, When life is handing you those hard times, When everything else seems to be falling apart, These are the times, These are the moments, That is the day to keep turning to Him, Keep on learning that He is always there, That He cares about you, That there is light, Because He is the light to the darkness, To the hard times, Through those moments, So keep on learning, Keep on focusing, Keep on believing, There is always a way, Then there are those moments, Those people that enter into our lives, By the grace of God, That seems to say the right things, Those right words, To help us see that we are the Light, We are the Light of His Word, We are the salt, We are the love, That is possible, To keep on s

Back On Track

When moments go insane, Instead of moments of clarity, When dreams are shades of grey, Instead of shades of beauty, When days seem to drag forever, And everything seems depressing, There is a moment, There are those thoughts, That help you get through, Get through those hard times, To get through those moments, To get through those hard dreams, Just put your faith in Him, Just put your strength in His Word, And you will get back there, Get back on track, Get through those moments of insanity, Get through those shades of grey dreams, When the days seem grey, And the sunshine doesn’t seem to fill you, When time feels everlasting, And there is no breathing room, That is the time, That is the moment, That is the perfect opportunity, To put your faith in Him, To put your strength in His Word, To find a way to get back, Back on track, There are always going to be those days, Always be those moments, And we might feel the pull, The pull to go away from Him, Away from His Word, His guidance, H

The Day At The Beach

Running toward the water, Get close to the rock, Run back again, As the water comes close, Never quite touching, Always running back, Don’t want to get too wet, Laughing the whole entire time, Enjoying the sunshine, Enjoying the great times With two people I care about, Watching my boyfriend as he does the same, Being more bold, As the water gets close as it rushes in, And out again, Feeling safe in my dare, Not feeling afraid for one moment, That the water might take me too far in, Enjoying the beauty, Of the sunshine filled day, Laughing, Smiling, Running toward that water, Getting closer to that rock, Running back again, The water hits me a bit, Getting me a bit wet, But I do again, Not worrying about the depth, It is just a little, I still feel safe, And I feel the happiness, Of the lovely beach day, Shining on me, As I laugh and smile, Look at my boyfriend, Smile at my best friend, Enjoying the June day, And the beauty, Of the beach, These are the moments, These moments of pure jo

His Meditations

Whenever I listen to those words, Those words that bring so much peace, So much joy, So much happiness, So much contentment, So much encouragement, So much wonder and happiness, These words just pour to my heart, Pour to my soul, Pour to my spirit, These meditations of His Word, Whenever I read those words, Those words that have so many lessons, So many wondrous things that is relevant, Even in today’s world, That seems even more so with the hardships, That we all face in our lives, There is so much pain and strife, So much grief and need, A deep need for Him, For Him to help guide us, To help us through these rough times, To guide us through these moments, These moments of hardship, Through the strife, Through all the things in this world, Through everything in this life, Through every up and down, Through every moment, Just keep on meditating, Just keep on focusing, Just keep your eye on Him, And life although hard, Will have great joy, Because of His Words.

Don't Just Browse

Don’t go through life, Don’t go through those moments, Just browsing, Just passing by, Sometimes you got to take those moments, Sometimes you got to be bold, Sometimes you got to just believe, Don’t just think that life is about those things, Just living day to day, You can make a difference, Even through those small ways, Even by just a smile, Or a small conversation, It might just be what someone needed, After a long hard day, So don’t just go through life, Don’t just go through those moments, Don’t just browse, Don’t just keep passing by, There are great things out there, There are great things to be achieved, There are great things to be accomplished, There are people out there that could use you, Could use just a smile, Could use just a conversation, Could use a message of faith and hope, Could use good moments, To help them get through, So don’t just keep on browsing, Don’t let life go through that way, You just never know, What life can bring you, Although life can bring hard ti


When the days seem crazy, When life is handing you more lemons, Then you seem to want to deal with, When everything seems to want to give frowns, Instead of smiles, That is when laughter is the best medicine, When times are tough, When dreams seem a bit more far fetched, When you want to think about happier times, When there are tears of sadness, Sometimes just a bit of laughter, Just a bit of light coming through, Is all one needs, Is all one needs to find a way back, A way back from the darkness to the light, A way to reach the sun once again, Life is never fully easy, There are tough times on this road, We all have to deal with our hardships, We all have our own challenges, But we got to keep going, We got to keep on finding a way, So even when things are looking bleak, Even when things seem out of control, That is when it is needed the most, Laughter, That single action, That single moment, Can make a difference in one’s world, So don’t forget about it, Don’t forget there is always

She Never Cried

Author's Note: This poem has nothing to do with someone I know or myself. Just something I thought was good to write for those women that might deal with abuse. She never really cried, She never really bled, She never really had that moment, Where her world just totally fell apart, Where nothing else seemed to be around, Other than deep dark blue tears of pain, She never had to deal with that, Not in this lifetime, Or the next, She never had to feel that hurt, That pain, Those type of tears, She was the lucky one, Or so they thought, But she hid it all, Hid all the pain and hurt, Hid the abuse from everyone else, She never really cried, She never really bled, At least not where one could see, At least not where one could have known, She always put on a happy face, Made everyone around her believe, That she wasn’t hurt, That she didn’t feel like a part of her died, The moment he left, The moment he said goodbye, The moment she knew that she wouldn’t be the same, No she never real

I Feel Beautiful

Whenever I look at you, Whenever I look into your eyes, Whenever I see you smile my way, Whenever I hold you close to me, I feel beautiful, Whenever it’s just you and I, Whenever we are just one within each other, Whenever love just flows naturally, Because this is meant to be, I feel beautiful, Whenever I feel another part Of this wonderful dream coming true, Whenever I feel that we become even Just that much closer, I feel beautiful, There are so many things in this life, So many hardships, So many broken dreams, But whenever I am with you, Nothing else seems to matter, Nothing else seems to exist, Everything before doesn’t seem to matter, And where I might have felt pretty, Might have felt cute, But whenever I am with you, When I look into your eyes, And I see me in them, And I see the love you have for me, I feel beautiful, Because the love you have shines, Shines through your eyes, And into mine, Every day.

Glory Road

It’s been a rough road, Trying to find this place, Trying to find my way here, Finding my way to the glory road, Going through the changes, Going through those moments, Wondering if I really knew, What I was in for, What I was doing, Knowing that my life needed changing, That I couldn’t keep going the way I was, Knowing that something was needed, Needed in my life, Something stronger, Something deeper, Something more, I had searched for the answers, Searched high, Searched low, Gone through the many choices, Gone through many different ways, Feeling the frustration, Feeling the emptiness, Feeling that there was something needed, Knowing that it was out there somewhere, I’ve gone down so many paths, Been on so many different roads, I never fully realized, Never fully understood, Never could really see for a long time, I was lost, Looking for that glory road, For so long I thought I was okay, Felt I was doing the right thing, Felt that I didn’t need more, But I was wrong, Oh so wrong, I


There has been so many choices laid upon her feet, Moments and times, Moments that was great, Moments that was hard, Moments that was everything in between, And through them all she grew, And through them all she did keep one belief, One belief sacred and true to her heart and soul, And although criticized for many things, And although wondering why she did certain things, She knew that she still held true, True to that choice to believe in love, Believe in something deep and strong, Through the good and bad, Something that would last forever, And although she felt she came close A few times in the past, A few times she was heartbroken by promises, Promises that wasn’t kept, She kept to her choice, She kept on believing, Kept on knowing somehow, Someway, Through the hurt, Through the pain, Through any tears, That the love she saw in her dreams, The love that she felt, Would come into her life, And when everything seemed at the end of the road, And when everything seemed that nothing co

Big City

She’s never been one for a big city, She’s never been one for a small town, She’s never been one to go with that flow, She’s never been one to worry about those bright lights, That seems to draw everyone else’s attention, She’s always been one to go another way, To go where others might have not been, To go to places others might have not seen, She has always been loyal to those midsized cities, The places that drew her close, The ones she thought of through the bad times, The ones she planted her dreams with, She’s never been one for the big city, Never been one for that small town, She has always been more of the in between, More in tune of those moments, That is not really big, Not really small, But the ones that stick in your mind, Through those good times, Through those hard times, Through all those times, And those are the moments, The ones that are in between, That she lives for every day, She’s never been one for the big city, Never been one for the small town, She’s always bee

At Heaven's Gate

Many things pass away, Many things come and go, Many things have a place, Many things have a moment of space, But what we make of this life, But what we make of these dreams, But what we make of the moments we have, That’s the most important thing, Although when things pass away, When things go to the next portion, Just know that although things die, That although things pass away, That there is life beyond what we know, That when we accepted Jesus as our Savior, When we put our faith, Our belief, Our hopes, Our life in His hands, Than we have knowledge, Than we know, That although our lives here are short, That although our lives here have pain, That although our lives here have strife, That there is a beautiful eternal life, With our God, With others that we care about, With others that we will come to know, In heaven, So although things pass away, Although our time here is short, We have knowledge, We have something to look forward to, A time where pain, Where strife, Where hurt, Al

Where Can You Turn To

Where can you turn to these days? When information is all over the place? When there is an overload of this and that, When everything can be found online, But at what cost? There is so much going around There is so much information, There are good things that is for sure, There are moments in our lives we need support, And find it through great communities online, But there is the negative as well, There is pain and strife that is found, People who get stalked, People who get hurt, People who don’t know any better, So where can you turn to these days? Where can you find solace? Where can you find peace? Everywhere you turn, Everywhere you go, Everything around you, Is filled with information, Filled with good and bad, Filled with this and that, There are moments I know, Moments I see, Moments I can feel, That this information overload, This information that flows, This information that is around, But just know there are places to turn to, Even in this information overload world, Places

There Is No Science

How can one explain through theories, And hypothesis, And terms only known by scientists What you and I have? How can one explain through those means, The love, The laughter, The hope, The dreams, The beauty of the world around us, Maybe there is some things that can be explained, Through theories and hypothesis, But myself, I rather look at the world around me, Marvel in the beauty of the blue skies, That as light touches it changes color, Through the trees with the various leaves, Listening to the birds as they sing, The love that we have together, The dreams that is beautiful and real to me, More real than any theory of science could give me, More than any measurement, Any experiment, There are just some things in life, There are just some moments, There are just some dreams, That doesn’t need a theory, Doesn’t need a measurement, Doesn’t need an experiment, Just needs hope, Just needs faith, Just needs wonder, Just needs belief, That some things are better, Some things are just mor