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Something That Makes Me Feel Better

When I hold you,
When I lay up against you,
When I just love you,
When I feel those emotions,
When I let the world fall away,
This is the something,
This is the main thing,
This is the everything,
That makes me feel better,
Knowing you are in my life,
Knowing that I stand by your side,
Knowing that you are the one,
You are the one I’ll forever love,
Trusting in us,
Trusting in Him,
Trusting that He brought us together,
Trusting that even through the storms,
That this,
The forever,
This is what makes me feel better,
When I dream of us,
When I dream of what we are,
Who we can become,
The strength of it all,
The strength we do have,
The strength through every trail,
Every test,
Every moment,
Although still young in our relationship,
We have already shown,
We have already been,
Through trails,
And we hold on,
We stay strong,
And we put our faith,
Our hope,
Our belief in Him,
Trusting in Him,
Trusting He is our guide,
Keeps us going,
I love you my darling,
I love you with all my heart,
Knowing that you are in my life,

This Is A Recipe For Life

This is a recipe for life,
For joy,
For peace,
For love,
For happiness,
For strength when darkness is all around,
When times are rough,
We all go through difficult times,
Not one of us is not touched by a hard moment,
But when we give ourselves to the light,
When we give ourselves that chance,
That time,
That choice,
We all have a choice,
A choice in this world,
In this life,
To walk down the path,
The good one,
Or the bad one,
To make good decisions,
To make bad decisions,
To make a difference,
To not make a difference at all,
This is a recipe for life,
We can choose to look at it,
We can choose to disregard it,
We can choose to ignore it,
We can choose to believe,
We can choose to hope,
We can choose to disappear,
That is our choice,
That is our moment,
We can go our own way,
Try to find the happiness,
Or find the ruin that truly is there,
Or we can give ourselves,
Let ourselves be blessed,
By His love,
His grace,
His being,
This is a recipe for life,
For our life beyond just the moments here,
Our lives can have meaning,

This Month

In this time,
These days,
This month,
There will be many things that will go on,
In your life,
In others,
In times around you,
Moments keep on going,
Moments keep on changing,
Time speeds on,
Time slows down during certain moments,
There will be those around you,
Going through good times,
Going through bad times,
Going through everything in between,
What does it take to take one moment,
Just one space in the time,
To ask,
To see,
To bring some happiness,
To bring some joy,
Something that doesn’t have to cost a thing,
There is so much hurt,
So much strife,
We all go through difficulties,
This month,
So many things will happen,
And it is up to you,
As a person,
As a human being,
To step outside of yourself,
To see things from others,
To give yourself that opportunity,
You never know what you can do,
What you can accomplish,
What you can give,
Even if it doesn’t seem like much,
So when you go through your day,
Through those moments,
You can make a decision,
This month,
This day,
This time,
To turn and look another direction,
Or to…