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Journal Challenge Day 2

Manliness and femininity have been defined in different ways at different times. What does manliness and femininity mean to you personally?

Well, this one is a bit hard as someone who was raised by a single mom, I didn’t really have a man figure in my life for the most part, other than I was pretty young when my mom was with this guy I actually remember calling dad. I’m actually friends with him on Facebook to this day. Two years ago I did reconnect with a lot of my biological dads family which has been wonderful. My husband is totally different he was raised by his grandparents. Personally, I don’t like many labels because there is just so much negativity to most of them including manliness and femininity. Personally I like that there’s less focus or I think there should be. Not saying men can’t still be certain aspects that’s usually associated with manliness same with women on femininity, it’s just where we start saying people can’t do things due to their gender, which mostly affec…

Journal Challenge Day 1

Why are you doing this challenge and what do you hope to get from it.

I’m doing this challenge for a number of reasons. One, I’ve fallen off writing anything in months the last thing I write was an article like post in June of last year, so I was about five months pregnant at that time with my daughter Harley. Second, even before doing a few article type writings while I was pregnant I hadn’t done that much overall writing in awhile, it’s like my muse went literally radio silent. Third, writing is something I have always loved it’s literally gotten me through many things in my life and I want to get back to that. I know obviously there will be some challenges as I do currently have a three month old daughter, but I’m hoping this challenge will get me back on the wagon so to speak.